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    India Pale Lager recipe?

    mclynch, did you brew the recipe you posted for Hoponius Union? I like the idea of trying the Hoponius clone but I see some curiosities in the provided recipe: -Their website says this beer is 65 IBU and the recipe you posted only accounts for half of that. -Magnum is usally just used as a...
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Ohh ohh ohh! Pick me!
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    Adjust chloride to sulfate post fermentation

    I searched so go easy if this has been discussed before. I've been making water adjustments for a while, both to correct the mash pH and chloride to sulfate ratio and would really like to be able to do a back to back taste test of different chloride to sulfate amounts and ratios without doing...
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    Regulator poll

    Replacing it mostly because adjusting the pressure is a pain in the a$$. It's at least 30 years old and is currently stuck at 23 PSI. That said, I'll find a use for it. When I get it un-stuck I'll drop it down to dispensing pressure and likely use it with a 5lb tank when hauling kegs around to...
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    Regulator poll

    I've been using a hand-me-down regulator in my kegerator for a while and it's time to replace it. So I've narrowed my puchase down to these three regulators that others on the board have appeared to be pleased with. No-brand "commercial" w/ adjustment handle for $41.75...
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    Kudos to Midwest Supplies

    I've always had good luck with them. Best average prices on equipment & fast shipping.
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    Help with SUPER slow ferment

    Took another gravity and double checked the gravity log when I got home from work today. OG 1.057 on 4/10 1.017 04/19/10 1.016 04/26/10 1.015 04/29/10 1.014 05/03/10 That's 74.4% attenuation. White Labs lists the top end of WLP004 as 74%. Hmmmmm... could my low mash temp have resulted in this...
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    Help with SUPER slow ferment

    Thanks for the feedback. I don't remember the grain bill off the top of my head. It's Jamil's all grain recipe in BCS. A The OG was 1.067 and my target FG was 1.014. However, my HERMs was acting up and the mash temp was low @ 149 deg F for at least 20 mins of the mash before I could correct...
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    Help with SUPER slow ferment

    About a month ago I brewed 6 gal of irish red ale w/ a 2L WLP004 starter. I oxygenated for about 30 seconds w/ my air stone and bottled O2 and pitched at about 65 deg F. Here's the timeline of the ferment: In the basement @ 65 deg F: -18 hours from pitching: HUGE blow-off. Looking good -2...
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    Boil Kettle Screen/Filter

    Looks good. How much hops have your used it with? Any clogging issues? What's the perforated bottom piece?
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    Slow starting ferment help

    ADMIN: Feel free to move this to the fermentation section. Might be more appropriate there. Thanks for the comments. The O2 additions were made through a stone into the fermenting beer. As far as my ferment schedule goes: I plan on letting it ferment out @ 61, then transferring it to a corny...
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    Slow starting ferment help

    Hey all, I broke in my newly completed HERMS this Sunday by brewing Jamil's Koelsch. My OG was a little off (low) due to poor fly-sparging technique but otherwise all was well. I whirl-pooled and cooled to ~58 deg F w/ my immersion chiller before oxegenating and pitching 2 tubes (no time...
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    Wanna hear a funny story?

    Mine can be calibrated w/ a little screw. Go get some distilled water and recalibrate.
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    Erlenmeyer Flask on Electric Stove

    Any thoughts on putting it directly on a glass top electric stove?
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    Dual digital PID temperature controller

    This should work for your control but you'll need a solid state relay and potentially a contactor (for a 240V element) to actually deliver power to your heating element. There are many threads on this forum to help you learn what else you need. Do some searching and you should find what you need.
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    Thermometer Calibration

    I develop/apply temp sensors for industrial engine controls for a living. I've done A LOT of work crunching temp sensor accuracy data. I'll give this debate my two cents. Take 'em or leave 'em. Any "lab grade" or NIST traceable temperature measurement device besides a thermometer will drift...
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    Roomates Dog nom'd my Better Bottle

    If my dog (a black lab mix) did that I'd offer to replace it. No actually, I'd go buy a new one and give it to you without asking. Also, it's a dog's natural instinct to chew and they do it more when they get bored. When most dogs get adequate exercise and chew toys they won't go around...
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    Vials for yeast bank

    Just an FYI the units mentioned on the site are drams, not grams. 1 dram = about 3.7 mL
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    Poor Man's False Bottom?

    Neat idea. The holes in my Sankeys are only 12" though so I'd have to hing or trim it before it could be used.
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    Sight Glass Project

    I've still gotten nothing. No sight glass, no refund. Caveat emptor right?