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    Time to Get Canning!

    That is really good info. I will certainly keep it all in mind when I get the cannular and start using it. I just got an email from Darin at KegLand and he said the cannular cannot do skinny cans because they don't have a Chuck for them. Wonder what it would take to make said Chuck ?
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    Hard seltzer yeast attenuation

    There doesn't seem to be a hard seltzer specific forum category so I am asking here. MOD please move to more appropriate place if one exists. Thanks! My recipe is a simple 5 gallon batch: 4lbs corn sugar (dextrose) 5 gallons water Ec-1118 yeast DAP and Fermaid-k 3 times during ferment...
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    30% OFF 7-Day Deal for ITC-308 WiFi Temperature Controller

    I tried to order yesterday (25th) but the deal was already gone. I know nothing about these but I ordered one anyways to check them out. I have always used the Johnson controls a419 and been pretty happy with it. WIFI grabbed my attention so I pulled the trigger 😁
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    Greetings From The State Of Jefferson

    Woops! I posted that reply on my brothers account. Dummy! I will edit this from my account in a free minutes.
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    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    What is the little compressed gas bottle for that is attached to the list right of your stand?
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    Georgia 5 Tap Keggerator

    JUST LOOKING. I totally dig the double hing system you have on the collar. do yo9u have a build thread for this keezer/kegerator ?
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    Tiny Brew House. Ultimate BIAB 110v System Build

    Sorry, I am geek at heart! I totally believe that you should make a completely new thread just for your panel. I am very interested in knowing a lot more about it. Such as what size is the box? HOW did you cut the holes in the panel or did you order the panel with the holes already in it...
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    Tiny Brew House. Ultimate BIAB 110v System Build

    That is exactly the info i was looking for.... Thanks Why couldnt you use one of them handy USB wireless keyboard/mouse combos that has the little tiny USB receivers? then you could just plug it in to the Pi and leave that portion INSIDE the control box. Like this thing:
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    Tiny Brew House. Ultimate BIAB 110v System Build

    forgive my ignorance, but what are these blue and red tagged wires? also what OS are you running and what system are you using in the control box? or are you running all this from your laptop and just showing the display on the control box display panel? I am very interested in seeing how...
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    My idea for an adjustable 3 tier stand, thoughts?

    I will admit i didnt read the entire thread with all the posts, just skimmed thru it, so my opinion may not have much merit, take it with a grain of salt if necessary. So anyways, i was just looking at the photos that you posted and a few of the comments. I totally love this idea you have...
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    Tiny Brew House. Ultimate BIAB 110v System Build

    I cant wait to see your control box done. that thing looks like it will be amazing all by itself. watching this build from the edge of my seat. keep it up!