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    July sale $43 15" Jaybird false bottoms from Nor Cal Brewing Solutions

    I'll buy one. Message me the promo code.
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    Huge boiling loss...

    I lost probably a gallon to overboil, had to help with the kid. The color of the wort looked great and should be tasty.
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    Huge boiling loss...

    Did a batch of seriously bitter IPA today. Started with 10 gallons in keggle, didnt notice how furious the boil was. Boiled down to about 6 gallons in 60 minutes. Did lose about a gallon due to going from not boiling to mega boiling burn my hands on my lid situation. Should turn out great...
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    All grain Pictorial and Video Tutorials.

    Fantastic reminder. I have not brewed since last fall and am preparing my first batch for next weekend! Thanks!
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    Bud American Ale..

    American Ale is a very good beer. I would suggest picking up a six pack next time anyone is at the grocery store.
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    I did a bad thing???

    I prefer liquid yeast too. Its just so hard for me to look at $7.95 vs $1.95 and pick up the more expensive liquid, especially for larger batches. But you are completely correct 6 hours worth of labor to make the wort, give it tasty food.
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    I did a bad thing???

    First pitch was two packets dry yeast, Irish ale. Second pitch Irish ale liquid yeast.
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    I did a bad thing???

    Grain Bill... 18.5 lb 2 row pale 2 lb crystal 1 Cera Pils I used six oz of pellet hops. Highest alpha was 9.6, 1 oz at 60 min and 1 oz at 45 min. My wife threw out the paper I had it written on in my garage.
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    I did a bad thing???

    I have never used a starter. This was my first batch that reacted like this. I will now always use a starter. The brew day wasn't carefully planned like most of mine are. I was board on Sunday and my LHBS was closed so I used what I had. I think it should help the ferment process...
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    I did a bad thing???

    Eight days ago I brewed a mystery surprise, I used what I had left in grain. If you want I can give the bill. It had a high starting og of 1.073 it was a 13 gallon batch. I pitched two packets of yeast, after 5 days the grav was only 1.063 so I dumped in more yeast. I figured it could...
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    first AG batch

    Now that is how to spend your day. Congrats on AG. :tank:
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    High FG with Old Ale

    That should be fine. No bombs.:rockin:
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    Porter I am Bottling Smells Sour / Yeasty

    That was a very bad move. RDWHAHB. Sorry to inform you of this, but chances are it would have turned out good. That was a waste.
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    B.I.A.B. First all grain

    Congrats on your first AG brew. What homebrew store in MI did your crush?
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    How much grain, 10 gallon Igloo Cooler

    32 Pounds of grain for a 10 gal batch, that is a lot. Given that you were using some extract before you sure that is the correct amount?
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    How's this pot look?

    Thats a good deal snatch it up. However I would suggest searching for a keggle.
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    Mission Accomplished! First full Keg.

    I hit it with 20 psi, then purged the O2. Then hit it with 20 again making sure the o2 is gone. Keep in mind too, I primed with sugar.
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    Mission Accomplished! First full Keg.

    I just filled and pressurized my first cornie with 5 gallons of Blonde Ale. I put the pressure of my tank at 20 and purged the Keg of O2 and achieved a good seal. Do I leave all the co2 in the extra air space?
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    3 Keg Kegerator

    Cant wait until beer competition season. I have some great brews saved up so I can have some of those prized ribbons too.