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    NB sale

    I followed the link and it shows the sale for me. Built an order using the promo code and it showed the discount as well. If I were into IPAs this would be a great deal since you can order three of the same kit if you want.
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    5% quick mead

    You should check out these. The first one sounds fairly close to what you want.
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    Honey Malt Braggot

    I have been considering on how to make a mead have a nice honey flavor without using a really large amount of honey. I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to brewing. I’ve made a couple of extract batches and I’ve got a few gallons of cider fermenting but nothing exceptional. So I may be...
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    Black Friday / Cyber Monday Deals + Gift Cards Giveaway! -

    I’m grateful to have gotten back into brewing and fermentation in general after a hiatus for the last few years
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    Store Juice

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    Cheap Copper at Home Depot

    I wasn't really planning on making a chiller anytime soon but I couldn't pass up this deal. Picked up 1/2" x 50' for $15.03. It was the last if that size but there were several other sizes still available. Store in North Olmsted, OH. Now to research what other parts I need! I love homebrew...
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    2013's How many gal of homebrew in 2013

    44,549 + 5 gal raspberry red ale = 44,554
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    Ohio Cleveland, 90+ Corny kegs! $30-35/ea!

    Stupid question but what would I need to buy besides the kegs to make this work. Obviously a CO2 tank and a regulator. I guess what I'm asking is what is a bare bones setup consist of. Thinking about maybe picking up one or two now and then getting the rest of the equipment later.
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    Ohio Cleveland, 90+ Corny kegs! $30-35/ea!

    Awesome. Too bad I'm not prepared to really pull the trigger and start kegging.
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    American Standard vs Metric

    What's funny to me is that I'm comfortable using both systems for anything besides temperature. For some reason anything outside of a science experiment I can't wrap my brain around temperature in Celsius. I'm sure if there was a mandatory switch I'd get used to it but for now I'm lost.
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    Rusting botltle caps

    Well it's been a couple weeks and I've opened a few bottles now and I'm happy to report it was only that first bottle that was rusted. I have no idea why it did, but I'm happy the rest have been fine.
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    Rusting botltle caps

    This was my thought as well. These caps were the ones that came as part of my Midwest Supplies starter kit. I wonder if the were a cheaper quality than their usual?
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    Rusting botltle caps

    So I bottled my first batch of beer one week ago. I couldn't wait any longer and popped one open last night. (I know I know... :) anyway, after pouring and drinking (yum) I noticed some red around the neck of the bottle which led me to investigate the cap. The bottom edge of the cap around the...
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    Starting a siphon

    Your directions were perfect. I followed them to the letter and it worked flawlessly (after a little practice). Thank you and the other posters for your assistance. Now the hard part... Waiting :)
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    Starting a siphon

    So I'm getting ready to bottle soon and it just dawned on me that I'm not sure what to start the siphon with. I don't have an auto siphon. I plan on submerging the hose in starsan and siphoning some starsan through the hose to sanitize it. But once this is done, what do I do? Should I leave the...
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    First time bottling

    So I'm going to be bottling my first batch in the next couple of days but I need to know how much time to budget. I read a few threads and it looks like when people get experienced it can take an hour or two. So how long do you think it will take for me a first batch newbie.
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    Sanatizing Bottles

    Oops... Like I said total newb here. I guess I'll be running them through the dishwasher to clean the residue off (probably after a dunk in bucket of water)
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    Sanatizing Bottles

    Nope. Woodchuck bottles are capped with a standard cap and require a bottle opener to open. In all likely hood I will probably cap the Great Lakes bottles first to practice on a normal bottle before I start on the woodchuck bottles.
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    Sanatizing Bottles

    It probably would've been smarter to ask first then do but it's too late for that now... :) So I recently soaked my collection of used bottles (woodchuck and Great Lakes) in a mixture of warm water and oxyclean to remove the labels and adhesive (which worked great). When pulling the bottles out...
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    60 min hopping ... Or less?

    The recipe called for 1oz cascade for 60 minutes and 1 oz Fuggles for 2 minutes. Which apparently gives about 38 IBUs according to Midwest. I decided that since this was my first ever brew that I would just follow the recipe since I don't really know much yet. Based on the hydrometer sample I...