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    Homebrewing in Norway

    Funny video about Homebrewing shown on TV-Norge
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    Are there any hops you actually dislike?

    I dislike Sorachi Ace strongly. It tastes like coconuts with a splash of Tide detergent.
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    Dealing with neighbors

    I would keep it simple, stay friendly, and avoid getting angry. When you meet your neighbor the next time, talk about the weather and some general chit-chat first. Perhaps offer a homebrew. Then, let him/her know that you try to keep your yard looking good and ask him/her to please avoid...
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    Cream of 3 Crops failure

    Also; Corn constitutes a big part of the grainbill on CO3C. Corn may take on a rancid type taste in the beer if it is stored too long in less than optimal conditions.
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    Your fav yeast for British pale ale

    WLP "British ale" is a new favorite of mine. The taste is extremely "british". I also like WLP London Ale because of the more complex flavors. Thames Valley had a strange odor-like off-flavour I didn't like.
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    What's your occupation: Engineer or Non-Engineer

    Supply chain manager in the oil-business. Daily, I droole over nice expensive stainless-steel equipment that could be utilized in a brewery...
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    Thoughts on: WLP007 Dry English Ale Yeast

    What mash-temperature? What size starter? Did you oxygenate well? This one should finish drier. I might add that it's excellent for IPAs
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    Scrap waterheater as brewery?

    Thanks for the replies! Wow, I didn't know they used glass-lined tanks in the US. Still, I suppose a glass lined tank could be used for sparge-water i brewing. If you could find a scrapped one with minor leaks, some good food-grade silicone would probably do the trick. Maybe even replacing...
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    Scrap waterheater as brewery?

    It's a regular home-hotwater-tank. I think the brand-name is OSO. Here is an american page with the same types: Products - American Water Heaters To get to the stainless tank, you have to strip off the outer covering of the hotwater heater as well as the insulation. The element from the...
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    Scrap waterheater as brewery?

    Hello good people; I see in the US it's very common to use sanke-kegs as components in the home-brewery. Here in Norway, many people use scrap-water heaters, as kegs aren't that readily available (and scrap-hotwater tanks are usually free). People use them both as mash-tuns, hot-liquor...
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    2nd AG Biere de Garde

    Picking up an old thread here and giving some of my thoughts; Style-wise; Wouldn't this recipe be more like a belgian dubbel? According to the style, Biere De Garde shouldn't have a belgian type yeast. Rather, the style calls for a yeast that accentuates the malt character, and adds kind...
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    Belgian Beer with T-58.

    Tried this in a saison just for fun. I split up a 10 gallon batch, and put Whitelabs Saison yeast blend in one, and dry T-58 in the other. The T-58 is much faster and attenuated from 1.065 to 1.008 in a week! Smells and tastes like peppery paint-thinner, although it wasn't fermented at high...
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    Nøgne Ø Porter (a new favorite!)

    It's pronounced "Nuhgna uh" (As in "Upper") Meaning "Naked Island" in Norwegian. It's one of my favourites too. But as you say it's very expensive, even here in Norway.
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    History of beer in Spain/southern Europe?

    That's why I think this question is interesting. I've never heard of big brewers in southern Europe. But are you sure about them having absolutely no brewing history? I thought almost every country in the world had some kind of beer-history? Even Egypt in northern Africa is said to be the...
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    History of beer in Spain/southern Europe?

    Does anybody know about the history of beer in southern Europe? When I am on trips to spain, usually there is only very pale lager available as a domestic product. Beeing a relatively warm country, they couldn't have been producing lager throughout history, could they? Or did they only have...
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    Barley Crusher Help!

    Let me ask you: What kind of funnell is it? I bought my unadjustable grain-mill with a round plastic funnel, wich was a real piece of sh*t. The way the funnell is formed plays a vital role. Otherwise, the grains just stay in one place and wont crush.
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    Traditional Nordic Style Beer

    Yes, I've heard from several senior citizens here that making beer at home was generally "frowned upon" well into the 70s. The barley had a more valuable role than beer. Still, my grandfather malted his own barley and made traditional beer until he died.
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    Traditional Nordic Style Beer

    Actually and on a general basis, CB isn't highly regarded here, except for the inhabitants of the city of Kristiansand, where it is brewed. In Norway, beer is like a football-team to most people, and brings out local patriotism. Honestly, I think most Norwegian lagers taste just about the...
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    Traditional Nordic Style Beer

    Hey, Norwegian here: The nordic beerstyles are usually pilsner-lagers, a bit darker and more heavy than the American lagers. Examples: Hansa (Bergen, Norway) Dahls (Trondheim, Norway) Ringnes (Oslo, Norway) Lapin Kulta (Finland) Traditional Norwegian beer is top-fermented, and usually...
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    When do I add my Cane Sugar to My Belgian Golden?

    Unless you want Belgian Cider, make "Invert sugar" before you add it to your brew!! Under no circumstances should white sugar be used in these amounts. This guy explains pretty well: