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    Chances are the OG was off because you used water to top off to 5 gallons. It is rather difficult to mix the wort and top off water. So chances are you just grab a sample that was slightly more water filled than it will be once properly mixed. Nothing to worry about. Your fermentation is...
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    3 FLoyds Zombie Dust attempt. Help/info requested

    Just transfered to the secondary on the extract version. I did a full boil but had a lot boil off and ended up with a high OG of 1.074. It finished it 1.023. Only 69% attenuation with S-04, but nothing I could do would start it up to finish off the remaining bit. I guess I could have just...
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    Need some tips on cold crashing/carbonating

    Sounds good, thanks guys.
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    Need some tips on cold crashing/carbonating

    Its been awhile since I have brewed... almost 1.5 years. I am planning on doing AHS honey kolsch mini-mash this weekend. I am going to use WLP029. After the normal brewing process, I am a bit hazy remembering all the details and would love some help. I am going to ferment at 66. I plan on...
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    Infused vodka in secondary

    Ok thanks guys!
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    Infused vodka in secondary

    Hey guys, I brewed my christmas ale last weekend. I used the AHS christmas ale kit which included 1/2 oz of spices. I like Christmas beer to be pretty spicy so I do not know if this is enough. From reading a different recipe, I got the idea to put a cinnamon stick in some vodka, leave it...
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    Does steeping too hot cause more unfermentables?

    Sorry for the lack of response. To answer some questions: It has been 2 weeks and 1 days since I brewed now. Fermentation started about 3 hours after brewing. This was not a kit it was a converted AG recipe from a member. Seemed like a lot of crystal, but that is what Beer Smith suggested...
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    Does steeping too hot cause more unfermentables?

    packet says 59-75 on it, so pretty sure I was ok with temperature since I figure they are referring to the actual wort temperature, not the outside temp. I guess it is slightly sweet still. Guess Ill give it some more time. Have plenty of time until October anyway.
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    Does steeping too hot cause more unfermentables?

    Fermentation started after about 4 hours. Pretty sure it was very well aerated as well. Krausen fell after about 4 days. Bubbles did never really slow more than every 20-30 seconds. Just seems weird to me that after 2 weeks it would still be doing this.
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    Does steeping too hot cause more unfermentables?

    I brewed an extract version of BierMunchers Octoberfast (guess you can call it a pm) and the FG is a little high. I was expecting 1.014 and its sitting at 1.020 right now. It was 1.022 and I gave it a good rousing 3 times over the course of 1.5 days. 2 days later, its sitting at 1.020...
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    Does anyone strain their wort?

    I didnt strain my first batch. Made my second batch on Friday and decided to strain. The only thing I had to use was a funnel with a strainer on it. I used hop pellets for the beer, and it was really hard to get the beer flowing through... the hops kept clogging the funnel. I eventually just...
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    Festbier BierMuncher's OktoberFAST Ale (AG)

    For the extract recipe posted earlier, what are thoughts on replacing either the amber LME or the pale LME with munich LME? I have some munich from AHS that lists it as 20% munich malt, 80% 2-row. Is this a possible substitution for one of these, or should I stick with the pale/amber...
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    No Rinse?

    I use a shot glass... that is 1.5 ounces, so I just fill it up about 2/3 of the way and dump it in. I think the back of the bottle says .5 ounce for 3 gallons, so just under an ounce for 5 gallons. As long as there is some brownish color I think youre ok.
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    How heat sensitive are carboys?

    I don't know the tolerance of the carboy, but 110F seems like a lot of heat shock to the glass. I would guess you got lucky. Either way, it is no fun cleaning up a bunch of glass, and it can be dangerous when it shatters. Next time get yourself some sanitizer like iodophor or starsan and...
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    First full boil

    Alot of threads I have read say that since it is a full boil, it wont make a difference if you do late addition or not on the LME. Does anyone have experience with this first hand? I am going to try to keep the color as light as possible. For the hops, since it is a full boil, there should be...
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    First full boil

    I am going to try my first full boil in a couple days for a 5 gallon batch, and want to make sure I have everything down right. I am planning on using AHS extract honey wheat ale recipe. Any help will be much appreciated. The Recipe I am using has steeping grains. How much water do I want to...
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    For people trying to find a Sanyo 4912

    Best buy doesnt have them anymore since the fridge is discontinued. There might be some stragglers around, but mostly they are gone. And if you try to ship from, they wont ship to many addresses. Just trying to help some people still looking, I agree it isnt a good deal or anything.
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    For people trying to find a Sanyo 4912

    Hey guys, Just thought I would let you know that still has them for sale. Shipping is a bit much (like 150 bucks) but they sent mine out pretty quickly. Considering that I don't have a car that can fit a refrigerator, I would have had to pay for shipping...
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    How did you find us?

    Definitely google. And I am very happy I decided to search for homebrew forums.
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    Is it ready to move?

    Ok sounds good. Guess I'll leave it in there until I get back and then decide if I want to move to a secondary or not. Thanks guys.