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    Baltic Porter

    I haven't found it too roasty, it's incredibly smooth and ready to drink almost immediately.
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    Returning to Brewing after many years

    30 years? Wow. I sat out for 7-8 but I'm brewing better than ever! Welcome back.
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    Lutra grain to glass

    Lutra is fantastic in my Baltic Porter! I've made it a few times now.
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    Got a keg today but not in the mail. I was riding my bike in a nearby development when I saw a corny keg out of the corner of my eye. Trash Day - one man's trash is another man's treasure! It's in nice condition and holds pressure.
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    1970s "Dark" Beer?

    In the 70's, A local Philadelphia brewery (Schmidt's) would have a Bock beer in the Spring.
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    Baltic Porter

    Big fan, I use the Jack's Abbey recipe! It's Devine - even with Lutra! This is the recipe
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    Product Launch - Corny Keg Cooler

    I sometimes but rarely bring a keg on the road but if I did, I would order this bag in a heartbeat. Quality products!
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    Product Launch - Corny Keg Cooler

    Damn, you guys are tough on a sponsor. I have their original Cool Brewing Fermentation Cooler and it's awesome! Very well made and effective.
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    Cream Ale OG too Low

    Drink 8-10 pints. If you're drunk, it's fine. If you're still sober, you screwed up!
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    To go with the Phantasm I received the other day, today my yeast arrived -
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    This was in my mailbox today...
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    Industrial fridge into kegerator question

    Damn, nice score! You could easily put 4 taps on each side if you wanted.
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    Phantasm NEIPA

    The few I found actually were higher in price/oz than Phantasm.
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    Phantasm NEIPA

    I just ordered a pound of Phantasm from Michigan Hop Alliance. I'm going to pair it with Helio Gazer in the near future.
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    Imperial Capri

    Could be Star Party, too.
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    Lager vs Kveik: The Test

    Not a lager but I made an APA yesterday with Lutra. Went from 1.072 to 1.016 in 24 hours at 97 degrees. I've had good success with this yeast in faux imperial lagers and especially my Baltic Porters.
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    What do you use when you squeeze BIAB?

    I squeeze like that but I should incorporate the twist!
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    New post a picture of your pint

    Belgian Tripel
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    Why no higher end picnic taps?

    I've used Trong's picnic tap on a corny a few times now. It works really well - no excess foam and no dripping.
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    When is my yeast starter "done"

    I been using the SNS (shaken not stirred) method when using liquid yeast. So simple. Stir plate? You don't need no stinking stir plate!