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  1. DrinkFresh

    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway!!

    Cheers @inkbird 👍
  2. DrinkFresh

    For the Evabarrier & DuoTight folks

    I have just hooked these up to my torpedo kegs, and they fit rather well, love the low profile, will add keg lube just to make sure thanks to this thread! Happened to also have converted everything to Duotight and EVABarrier myself recently, along with the check valves from each keg to my new...
  3. DrinkFresh

    I'm dying ...

  4. DrinkFresh

    INKBIRD New Product Giveaway — Electric Space Heater w/ Thermostat!

    Would be great to have one around! Count me in! Cheers 🔥🍻
  5. DrinkFresh

    Friday Giveaway! Enter to Win Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 & IR Temp Gun

    Cheers again @inkbird looking forward to using these this weekend!
  6. DrinkFresh

    Omega Lutra yeast?

    Ive been having great luck so far with Lutra – Ive brewed a pseudo Oktoberfest, Sparkling Ale and most recently a pseudo European pilsner (Grolsch) all with very clean flavor profiles, no noticeable off smells or off flavors. For my latest pilsner, I tried fermenting on the cooler side, around...
  7. DrinkFresh

    FTSs extensions

    Ah nice, I didn't know there were extensions for the thermowell as well, I should have asked Ss (don't think I see em on the site) Are the cooling coils different from the ones in this kit...
  8. DrinkFresh

    FTSs extensions

    Glad to hear that! Yeah the Tilt is pretty great too, I have it connected over bluetooth to an old iPad I have which sends to Google Sheets, but I can monitor the temp on the iPad and the FTS temp probe together, and get a reading between the two within 1-3⁰F at most, which works out just as...
  9. DrinkFresh

    FTSs extensions

    I know this may be a dead thread, but I actually had no idea about these coil extensions, until very recently. I wanted to share my experience just incase OP @Razorback_Jack (or others) are still looking to get these extensions. Background: I have had the SS Brewtech BME 7gal Brew Bucket for...
  10. DrinkFresh

    Friday Giveaway! Enter to Win Inkbird WiFi ITC-308 & IR Temp Gun

    Nothing better than grilling burgers and drinking homebrews in the summer 🍔🍻
  11. DrinkFresh

    Custom/personalized beer glasses

    Another suggestion may be to look around on Etsy, if you are looking for no minimums on an order. Here are a couple sellers