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  1. starsailor

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Please count me in!
  2. starsailor

    hoff stevens keggle help

    Look at this thread and link to pics on my flickr page here: I've been using one for years with a silicone bung secured as described without a single drop leaking or any other issue.
  3. starsailor

    HLT in 3 Tiered System

    One of those gutter washer thinkies from the hardware store on the end of a hose works grear.
  4. starsailor

    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

    I'm in please.
  5. starsailor

    Add Food Coloring to Starsan

    Either that or the cat pee'ed on all your stuff...
  6. starsailor

    Clogged burner?

    Usually mud wasps or spiders plug the things up. Disassemble and look inside with a bright flashlight.
  7. starsailor

    Vacuum sealer

    Been using a FoodSaver brand to vac bag all my homegrown hops for several years. Works great! The only thing that's missing is the availability of oxygen barrier bags for the homeowner type vac sealers. If you can live with that and don't keep the hops forever, like more than a year, and keep...
  8. starsailor

    Shank and quick disconnect gaskets...

    Hey day_trippr, thans for the link. When I look last time I couldn't find anyone that offered a gasket replacement. It looks like MoreBeer did basically the same thing I did. That is, find a suitable o-ring to replace the original gaskets that seal up the QD top nut (or top cap) in lieu of...
  9. starsailor

    Shank and quick disconnect gaskets...

    Hipjimmer, haven't been able to get on the forum for several days. Sorry, I didn't take any pics when I had my shanks apart. They're such a pain in the butt to put back together there's now way I'm going to take them apart again just to get some pics. If you're little shank elbow gaskets are...
  10. starsailor

    Filling up "dead space"

    You can get big bags of nearly clear glass "decor" marbles in places like Crate and Barrel or anywhere they sell lots of candle sticks and vases. Clear is nice because you see when they're clean and the big bags of them are pretty cheap.
  11. starsailor

    What would you pay for a SS Auto Siphon?

    I'd do $30 for a good durable SS one that can be taken apart to inspect and clean. I seems like mine gets all cracked and crazed after about a year and half, so I'm now on my third one. As SS one would have paid for itself by now. BTW, I only ever siphon cold, but I like to siphon several...
  12. starsailor

    1/4 barrel slim keg keggle

    Nice job on the soldering! Just curious, what fitting is that you soldered to the outside of the keg that the valve screws into? I haven't seen one like that before. Is it specifically made to be a bulkhead or is it something else you repurposed?
  13. starsailor

    OnederBrew.....anyone try this?

    I looked into their beta test program. I couldn't believe they wanted me to pay like $100 for the privledge of doing their testing for them. I told them "You've got to be kidding!". I'd avoid these things until there's some solid feedback from some of their suckers, um, I mean beta testers...
  14. starsailor

    Just got the new "Cereal Killer" Grain Mill

    That sticky oil/wax coating is usually a dead ringer for "made in china" or at least made overseas and shipped in container by sea. It's there to protect steel parts from corrosion in the high humidity of a marine environment. Just go to Harbor Freight or any discount auto parts brand and...
  15. starsailor

    commercially manufactured temp regulated fermenting cabinets?

    I think a furniture grade one corny keg deep kegerator is a GREAT IDEA! Maybe I can clarify and sharpen the concept a bit... Somthing along the lines of a dinning room buffet table, sidebar server, or couch table are all good pieces of furniture to model it after. It should fit into dining...
  16. starsailor

    BrewHardware Giveaway!

    I'm in...
  17. starsailor

    Filling a hole in a jet burner cast body

    ...which just has a larger gas oriface, a.k.a. drilled out (to the correct NG size that is).
  18. starsailor

    Older i.e. 40's/50's stoneware crocks for primary ferment?

    My dad used to do the same to brew in kitchen and ferment in the basement. I still have his old stoneware 5 gal crock, his bench capper, and a box of the old cork caps. Unfortunately, the crock has a crack thru the side and is no longer water tight. So, we just use it as a decorative item...
  19. starsailor

    Could I make a keggle out of this style of keg?

    All the parts are listed in the descriptions of the photos the flickr page I linked in my post on page one of this thread. Start with a standard weldless ball valve kit and follow what I did in flickr. I've made 2 improvements since the flickr posts. One, I cross drilled all the pressed fit...