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  1. egravy81

    First time brewing - recipe review ?!

    The later hop additions are the key with homebrewed IPAs You are right on with the DME/sugar ratio. And for the IPA the crystal malt is a safe ratio and I would start there for this batch. You can always play with that later on since you'll drink the 8-12 beer pretty quickly! For pitching...
  2. egravy81

    How I turn a "plain" beer into a hop bomb...

    How long are you steeping/whirlpooling for after the boil? For hop bombs I usually steep 30 minutes after boil and stir regularly before running through my chiller. Another fun way to dry hop a ready-to-serve beer is whole leaf hops in a french coffee press. I like the growler dry-hopping...
  3. egravy81

    First time brewing - recipe review ?!

    If you are planning on boiling about 6 liters so you end up with 5 before adding yeast, i would say 15 min boil is do-able. You won't get much hop utilization so yes, you will have to add quite a lot of hops which you've done. For the saison, you are probably adding a little much for the boil...
  4. egravy81

    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    I'd go all calypso if you have it or all Saaz, but I wouldn't combine anything you listed. This is a relatively dry beer given the candi syrup addition with enough bitterness to balance, so if you match the IBUs with all of one or the other that would be good. If you're after mouthfeel and/or...
  5. egravy81

    Munich Helles BierMunchers “Helles Belles” (Munich Helles, AG)

    What was your FG? Normally mine finishes fairly dry (1.008). BJCP guidelines indicate it should be fully attenuated (1.008-1.012)
  6. egravy81

    Spike Brewing 12.5gal Conical Fermenter Giveaway!

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  7. egravy81

    Schwarzbier Batter-Up Schwarzbier

    I have not - recently I brewed this again and cut the midnight wheat down to one pound added at lauter and it cut the roast down considerably. I only used the Mexican Lager yeast this time, too though it was more for expediency's sale than anything else. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  8. egravy81

    FastRack - FastFerment Giveaway - Open to all!

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  9. egravy81


    Zappa enjoying the view from the new backyard. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  10. egravy81

    Whirlpool, false bottom, Hop spider or ? I bought one of the hop spiders from chad and it's awesome. I have had no issues with IPAs or any other hop-forward beer. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  11. egravy81

    what is everyone using as a heating source

    Here are some things that helped me out with this controller: -Use a thermowell -set the compressor delay for 10 minutes and go down from there if needed -set the threshold to 0.5C, 0.3C was short cycling both heat and cool on my setup and Chris white's book uses 0.5C as an acceptable...
  12. egravy81

    Adding more yeast within the first 24 hours

    It won't hurt to throw another vial in each. I you just want to dry it out you can throw in the Dry English or British after one more day - it won't change the flavor but will help dry it out. You could probably even save $$ and use a packet of the S-04 instead of more liquid but you'll want...
  13. egravy81

    DIY Walk In Cooler Build

    That's so funny - every time I check this thread I'm hoping you finished! Quality work takes time - great build! Did you ever have a thread going on that keezer?
  14. egravy81

    Schwarzbier Batter-Up Schwarzbier

    Glad to hear imrook! I agree that the midnight wheat should probably be dialed back to 3/4-1 lb. I actually like the WLP940 version more than the WLP830. I have a few more ales in the pipeline right now but will be brewing this one again soon.
  15. egravy81

    Boulevard Wort Transformation 2013

    Sounds awesome! Generally the hop aroma will mellow out in time - not sure about flavor/bitterness.
  16. egravy81

    Schwarzbier Batter-Up Schwarzbier

    Here's a pic of the WLP830 version:
  17. egravy81

    Boulevard Wort Transformation 2013

    Ok based on Mr Malty's pitching calculator, you underpitched. Even if we assume the yeast production date was the day before you pitched (which is not very likely but possible) you would have needed at least 2.2 packs of yeast. A stir plate starter would have required a 1.1 L starter. The...
  18. egravy81

    Boulevard Wort Transformation 2013

    Did you make a starter or just pitch the activator pack? Did you oxygenate or just try to splash/shake to aerate.
  19. egravy81

    Question about IPA I designed and am brewing

    Agreed ^ Dry hopping is a must for this recipe - you will be very pleased with the results. You can probably cut it back to a half oz of each if you have supply limitations but either way go for it!