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  1. tracyk

    Fireweed Honey Mead

    The raisins really will not do anything for your mead. It does not add nutrients! Go lightly on the clove, one whole clove per gallon. I would use sweet orange peel as opposed to orange slices. It will add more orange flavor. Sounds like an Ancient Orange Mead recipe using fireweed!
  2. tracyk

    Yeast pitch rate and GoFerm

    I use anywhere from 1.5g - 1.9g of yeast per gallon. Now I always rehydrate my yeast and add a little table sugar 1/4tsp to kick start the yeast. When I am ready to pitch I have a nice frothy top of active yeast which I am pouring into my mead. The amount of Go-Ferm will depend of which...
  3. tracyk

    Fireweed Honey Mead

    Fireweed, a delicate honey. With your spice mead add yeast nutrients such as Femaid-K as honey is lacking in nutrients for your yeast to work. EC-1118 will make the honey go dry or remove all sweetness of the honey which would really be a shame with Fireweed. D-47 will leave a little...
  4. tracyk

    Robobrew Circuit board Cooked

    I took the heat off the board by running it through a contactor, then back to the board. Go the the Brewzilla, RoboBrew facebook page. They talk quit a lot about this problem.
  5. tracyk

    Robobrew V3 1000W element died—suggestions?

    The power from the plug to the relays, but I am using a double pole contactor instead of a solid state relay. There is not enough room for a heatsink in the bottom.
  6. tracyk

    Robobrew V3 1000W element died—suggestions?

    I have a RoboBrew and I am going to take the heat off the board through a contactor. I have already had 1 RoboBrew replaced due to the fact that the board got fried. The vendor was quick to send me a new one, but it has the same board, so I am pretty sure that 5 brews in I would be in the same...
  7. tracyk

    Robobrew V3 - I should have waited

    I bought the RoboBrew from Lion Brewing when ebay was running a 15% off coupon and bought it for $250 US dollars. It was generation 3, but one without the pump as I already had a chugger pump. Still a good price. Now I can brew inside during the hot summer months in Texas.
  8. tracyk

    Woodbrew's Electric BIAB Build

  9. tracyk

    Bulk Grains

    Personally from what you say you brew I would go 2 Row, Wheat, and Pilsner. The pilsner would also allow you to do lagers if you wish along with your hefes. I would have to disagree with you on Marris Otter being the same as 2 Row. I use it alot and sometimes sub it for 2 row if I want a...
  10. tracyk

    Hello from Houston, TX

    Welcome to the Lone Star State! Yes, the challenge here is getting your wort down to yeast pitching temps in the summer! I run an immersion chiller through an ice slurry and then on to my plate chiller to get it down to the low seventies in the summer time. Good Luck with your brews!
  11. tracyk

    Bigmouth Bubbler, do not exceed 140F

    Yeah, usually on his I leave it in my Boil Kettle then transfer over over once it has cooled down and ready to add the yeast.
  12. tracyk

    Quick disconnects

    I also use the camlocks but bought them from bargain fittings. Here is their website: And yes, the quick dissconnects that are used in the shop are 1/4" and most of them are brass at least that is what I have on mine. Mine also tend to have oil in them.
  13. tracyk

    bottle capper question

    Its like the adjustment on a wine corker. It does allow you to adjust it, so when you cap you can have a nice smooth cap instead of one with a dent in it.
  14. tracyk

    3D Animation about brewing process

    Very nicely done. It goes through the explanation of the different steps to make a lager or ale.
  15. tracyk

    Canned starter wort aka Fast Pitch from Northern Brewer

    My guess is they are just mixing it up and using the pressure cooker to pasteurize it. I would have my doubts that they are boiling it first, then canning the wort. You could just pasteurize it first, then have your pressure canner set up. Pour wort into jars with lids on them. Depending on...
  16. tracyk

    Using Spices In Your Homebrew

    Great write up! Nice information. Just in time to start on a pumpkin beer for October. On your cinnamon sticks, what length should one use? I just bought some sticks at the grocery store that were 6" - 8" long. I am thinking 3 on that would be a little overkill.
  17. tracyk

    Help me design my next stir plate

    On your 6V power supply, how many mA do you have?
  18. tracyk

    First Time Brewing This Weekend

    Relax don't worry have a home brew.
  19. tracyk

    Converting 3 valve c02 distributor to 4

    This is the part that I used from Keg Connection to join the two together: Nipple Left hand threads X Left hand threads, Hex 2" Long. Hope this helps.