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  1. JoshuaWhite5522

    what are the best carboy cleaners

    PBW or oxyclean soak with hot water over night and a quick swish with a carboy brush. Then rinse. I have the mark 2. The pump stopped working after about a month.
  2. JoshuaWhite5522

    Splitting a 5 gallon kit

    I'd say this is the easiest way to go. Also add a little flavoring at first. If it is not strong enough add a little more. Repeat this until it tastes right. Easier to add more than get too much out.
  3. JoshuaWhite5522


    Your life is over, you'll never brew again...... I'm just kidding (my little guy will be 2 in February) being a dad is great. I haven't brewed in 10 months, and that's OK. Life gets in the way. We moved, bought a house, priorities shift. I'm finally settling into things so I can brew a batch...
  4. JoshuaWhite5522

    Washington For my peeps in W. Washington....Cascade Brewers cup is ON for this Fall!

    Blackout brew comp is happening too. DA ark beer ony entries.
  5. JoshuaWhite5522

    Can't stop condensation from pooling up

    Have the older version it definitely helped, a small fan seemed to make it better
  6. JoshuaWhite5522

    Hop yard pic

    just a pic of my hop yard, thought the neighbors cherry trees made a nice backdrop.
  7. JoshuaWhite5522

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    160 +10 gal american wheat +10 gal dry stout 180
  8. JoshuaWhite5522

    Last year's Applejack

    It sat in secondary for about 4 months, then I froze it. Then aged on cinnamon and cloves for a month, then moved to bottles. It's been bootled for six months now.
  9. JoshuaWhite5522

    How Many Gallons of Homebrew in 2018?

    11,770 +10 gallons pilsner 11780 gallons.
  10. JoshuaWhite5522

    Last year's Applejack

    Started at 10% before freezing, and reduced 10 gallons to 5. Then aged with cinnamon and cloves for a month. It's a touch hot but mixed with a little fresh cider it's great!
  11. JoshuaWhite5522

    Win a Spike Brewing CF5 Conical Unitank!

    Chances are better than the lotto, might as well give it a try
  12. JoshuaWhite5522

    Hop garden pic & what is this

    Kinda figured that was the case. These are third year plants and are growing leap and bounds beyond the past two.
  13. JoshuaWhite5522

    Hop garden pic & what is this

    Ok thanks for the info... Lots of lady bugs around the garden. Definitely have a good amount of spider webs too. I've notice the bottom foot or so of some of the hops look like that leaf. They all are really green and prolific up top though
  14. JoshuaWhite5522

    Hop garden pic & what is this

    Quick shot of my hop garden. Also what is going on this leaf? What is that bug?
  15. JoshuaWhite5522

    Cube fridge jockey box....maybe

    I attempted to do this myself, the coil idea was a fail. After the first pint or two, the coil had warmed and the pours became foamy. I switched to a cold plate and would leave that submerged in a bowl of ice that I filled prior to serving. This worked well until the ice would run out, which...
  16. JoshuaWhite5522

    Showing off

    Bottled my cherry dessert wine 1.120 OG and the FG is 1.020. Also bottled my dry white plum wine 1.099 OG and 1.000 FG. Both need more time to mellow but taste good. Cherry wine has much better flavor right now.
  17. JoshuaWhite5522

    How many gallons of cider in 2017

    593 + 50 = 643
  18. JoshuaWhite5522

    Annual cider press results.... Just showing off

    Press is second hand so I don't know where it originally came from. I didn't time myself but the press pulled about a quart in five-ish minutes. So about 40 minutes to get you two gallons
  19. JoshuaWhite5522

    Annual cider press results.... Just showing off

    Did a potluck this year, BBQ is on hold until I can get together with my buddy and weld a few sanke keg together to make the smoker
  20. JoshuaWhite5522

    Last Straw bottle filler - need help!

    I can vouch for this method, I turn pressure down to about 2-5 psi and make sure the bottles are being filled below where the keg is sitting.