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    Water volume

    Thanks @balrog! You should see my brewing notes!
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    Understanding Yeast Attenuation

    Probably true. I should ask my friends at a couple yeast labs. Really wish there was better info.
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    Understanding Yeast Attenuation

    The listed attenuation is for a standardized grain bill, usually 100% base malt that undergoes a congress mash (or a version of it), or simply a mass produced extract, and is the apparent attenuation. If you're not using a grain bill or a mash temp that's similar, the attenuation is going to...
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    Brew House efficiency measure

    I just double checked again, and the brewersfriend standalong calculator is about 4-6% low for conversion efficiency, but the conversion efficiency in the brew session/brewlog for a mash complete log entry is correct. So if the BF standalone calculator gives you 90% conversion, you're likely...
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    First brew (biab) with new mill... efficiency?

    Found the error, pushing an update out now. Update is live. The 7.47 should become 7.65, not 7.51.
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    First brew (biab) with new mill... efficiency?

    Thanks for the tag, and congrats on the mod status. I'll take a look at that later today and see what the problem is. To expand on the sugar additions, I have no plans at this time to build a recipe builder, especially since I now work for brewersfriend. One of the projects I've started there...
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    BrewUnited's Downloadable Yeast Starter Calculator

    Also homebrewdad is still around on other forums/social media if there's any issues.
  8. P Status

    Looks like it was made by bradsmith of beersmith. He's mostly been focused on his podcasts and article postings from what I can tell.
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    Brewfather efficiency / SG predictions seem off

    I couldn't count how many times I've tried to explain the 1 gallon of water vs 1 gallon of wort.
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    Any downside to a low boil off rate?

    Thanks Martin. So would the same apply to things like "extra pale ale malt" that's sub 3L?
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    Any downside to a low boil off rate?

    I've heard this repeatedly, and I do believe it's true, but do you have a source for this? I've never seen SMM listed on a maltster spec sheet.
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    Brewfather vs. Brewer's Friend

    I don't recommend any mobile apps, web based brewing software tends to be updated more frequently and have more features. +1 for Brewersfriend. I do work for them though. Let us know if you have ever have any feedback, questions, or requests!
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    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    Thanks for the update. I've bought it but haven't opened the box yet. Looks like I'll be able to keep my pin locks and be able to fit 4 pin + the tank, and probably a small stack of boxes of beer bottles too.
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    Chest Freezer Specs and Layouts

    The interior depth front to back is 14.5, but the layout you posted is for 19.5 (the interior height). Might want to update it, it does look like it should fit four pin or ball lock kegs with a collar. Pin lock may require a support box underneath as it looks like it'll need a to have a tiny bit...
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    Priceless BiabCalc

    Haha thanks Doug. The one in the brew sessions is actually good and is using braukaisers formula, but the standalone efficiency calculator isn't using the same function. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon!
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    BIAB Efficiency Change Help

    +1 for Doug. It's always best to isolate the issue, first step is usually volume losses and conversion efficiency.
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    Priceless BiabCalc

    Thanks pmd7500! Let me know if you have any questions, feature requests, or issues. For those that aren't active on the Brewersfriend forums, I've recently been hired by BF as quality assurance! I've had a large re-work of my calculator going in my little spare time, with a rather unique...
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    Brewtarget 2.3.0 First Wort Hops

    The setting is in Tools / Options, formulas / IBU adjustments. Default value is 10,000.000. Change it to 100
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    Brewtarget 2.3.0 First Wort Hops

    It's an issue with the default value, but you can adjust it. As far as I can tell, it's just a coefficient or percentage with respect to a 60 minute boil. So a value of 100 for first wort will be equal to the ibus for a 60 minute boil addition. The default value is 100x100, probably incorrectly...
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    Looking for feeback

    I don't see a way to create or change the equipment profile in the demo at least, and not really interested in signing up. The inability to change the equipment, and the inability to change the boil volume, means I would never be able to use this. I didn't validate the calculations, but the...