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  1. J

    Can I cut my hop roots (rhizomes) to split up?

    Awesome, I think I'll buy some new larger pots and dig up one of the root balls this weekend.
  2. J

    Can I cut my hop roots (rhizomes) to split up?

    im in the same boat. I had hops growing in 4 gallon pots last year and they really took off, got almost 1 lb of cones from first year growth! I was thinking about cutting off some rhizomes, but was wondering when is the best time to start chopping? Before or after shoots start to break the surface?
  3. J

    Should I split my potted hops?

    Last year I planted hops in 4 gallon pots, and grew them on my balcony. They received plenty of sunlight, and required near daily watering. By the end of the season I harvested mabey 1/2 lb of cones from each plant, not a bad haul when starting from rhizomes. I left them to overwinter on my...
  4. J

    Where to buy erlenmeyer flask from

    Do you have a private account with Fisher, or are you part of a university/research company? Our club is looking to do a big glass order for starter making, and everyone is really jealous of the 3000ml E-flask I borrowed from the lab.
  5. J

    Subbing Pilsner for 2-row? Black IPA

    Good call on the 90-min boil, but it turns out that I wont be using pilsner anymore. When I got home I found a full bag of MO I had forgotten about hidden in a corner.
  6. J

    Subbing Pilsner for 2-row? Black IPA

    So I just put on my yeast starter for my Black IPA and realized that I used the last of my 2-row and MO in my Stone Runination clone a few days ago. All I have left is lots of Bohemian Pilsner malt. Is there any downside to using Pilsner for my base grain? (aside from not being able to use it in...
  7. J

    Beer stuck in keg!

    So in an attempt to hurry up the process, I racked my DFH60 clone to a keg and dry hopped in the keg. No hopbag, just loose pellets. After letting it sit for a while I hooked it up to the lines, and nothing would pour out! No foam, no little spurts of beer. The gas goes in both the gas in and...
  8. J

    American Pale Ale Citra Pale Ale

    Finally got around to brewing this a few weeks back. I was impatient (and all my taps were dry) so I kegged with the dry hops after 2 weeks and put it under CO2. MAN THIS BEER ROCKS! Some people might not like the unique mango/orange tast of citra hops but I love it. Missed my numbers a little...
  9. J

    Blueberry Mead

    I put a batch of this on back in January 2010 and its still sitting in the carboy. I might have to get around to bottling it at some point.
  10. J

    Citra RyePA

    This looks great! Im going to brew it this weekend, with a few changes to the recipe based on what I have available: 11lb Vienna malt 0.5 lb Cara-pils/Dextrin 0.5lb Crystal 60L 1lb Rye 1.5oz Cascade @ 60 1oz Citra @ 20 .5oz Citra @ 10 1oz Citra @ 5 1oz Citra @ 0 1oz Citra dryhop 1oz Cascade...
  11. J

    Cold break question

    When I brew, I am find myself struggling to get a full 5 gallons into the fermenter. unfortunatelyy my system is a little too small to produce the 5.25 or 5.5 gallons to account for hop and trub loss so I wind up racking almost everything from the boil kettle into the carboy, cold break and all...
  12. J

    Specialty IPA: Black IPA Heavenly Scourge Black IIPA

    How long does this need to age before becoming drinkable? Also, I plugged the numbers into beertools and came out with a 1.091 OG, and 166 IBU's. Is anyone else getting those numbers?
  13. J

    Picaroon's Cascade (?) IPA

    Picaroons Cascade (?) IPA 14-B American IPA Author: Thomas Size: 5.0 gal Efficiency: 75.0% Attenuation: 75.0% Calories: 229.16 kcal per 12.0 fl oz Original Gravity: 1.069 (1.056 - 1.075) Terminal Gravity: 1.017 (1.010 - 1.018) Color: 11.44 (6.0 - 15.0) Alcohol: 6.77% (5.5% - 7.5%) Bitterness...
  14. J

    Oblong yeast cells

    I have just slanted out some Wyeast 1968 and noticed that some of the cells are elongated under the microscope. Does anyone more knowledgeable of yeast morphology know if this indicates some kind of division mutant, or do they elongate during active cell growth?
  15. J

    American Pale Ale Citra Pale Ale

    I was going to make it last weekend but life got in the way. I think I will have time this weekend.
  16. J

    American Pale Ale Citra Pale Ale

    I will be trying to brew this tomorrow evening. Im going to sub out magnum for galena, victory for Vienna, S-05 for WPL001, and scale the recipe down to 5.25 gallons.
  17. J

    Oatmeal Stout Smooth Oatmeal Stout

    Brewed this up last night, but I missed my target gravity and accidentally hit 1.064! I hope this pans out.
  18. J

    Blood Orange Hefeweizen

    Whats the consensus on adding the oranges to an all grain batch? Brew the beer as usual and add the oranges directly to the primary, or let fermentation wind down before racking over onto the oranges in a secondary?
  19. J

    Generic yeast nutrient/energizer

    The only yeast products available in the LHBS are packets labeled "yeast nutrient" or "yeast energizer". I have searched for DAP and Fermaid K, but they are not available in New Brunswick. Does anyone have a close idea to what these generic products may contain? Thanks
  20. J

    Frozen wort!

    My friend put on a brew yesterday and left it on his deck to cool down before pitching the yeast. Well he fell asleep for a few hours and in the -34C temperatures the wort forze solid. It was covered the whole time and he left it to thaw overnight before pitching the yeast. Any ideas if this...