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    PicoBrew Pico users

    Talk about great timing...I ordered the Pico C last night, because it said the deal ended on the 12th, and then today they are running a flash sale for $199...I called and emailed them, hopefully they let me get the $199 price.
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    PicoBrew Pico users

    I am looking to buy a Pico system, and I am going back and forth between the Pico C and Pico Pro. The C is on sale for $250 right now, and it looks like I can add the Pro Upgrade kit for $150. Is that a good idea, or should I go for the Pro?
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    Any way to make a NPT Fermenator into a triclamp bottom dump?

    I just got a good deal on a 14 gal fermenator with NPT fittings. I see Great Fermentations has this...
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    Building a New Brewing Room

    I actually emailed Brewmation for a price earlier in the week. Waiting to see what they can do.
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    Building a New Brewing Room

    Where to start....We recently sold our house, and the buyer really liked the brewing system I had built, and so it ended up with the new homeowner. I had a two element, 30 amp PID RIMs system, and it worked really well, but I was already looking to upgrade, and go a little bigger. Now starts the...
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    I'm not brewing another batch

    I used to wear the nonslips that I'd wear in the restaurant, and my knees and back would kill for 3 days after brewing. I bought these at the beginning of the year...
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    HBT ONLY promo for Thanksgiving THROUGH Cyber monday

    Can I get a code too please? Looking at picking up a few things, and this is perfect timing.
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    Draft Tower Build: beer line insulation/theories?

    It's a 1/2" flex line. Gives a good flow into the tower, and allows for circulation. I have a standard dimension beer tower with two taps on it.
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    Draft Tower Build: beer line insulation/theories?

    I've got a fan with a flex tube running up the tower. Works great. We keep the kegerator outside on our covered patio during the summer, and don't have any issues with foam
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    How long to smoke small Brisket..taking forever

    Most of my briskets take 10-12 hours. I cook them at 235, spritz them with a beer, chicken stock and hot sauce blend, until it gets between 168-172. Then I wrap it in butcher paper, and bump the heat to 255-265 to finish it. I pull it at 195-198 and wrap it in a towel and let it rest for at...
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    Low ABV...Should I Pitch More Yeast?

    It's going to be a low abv beer, and 1.010 sounds about right for final gravity. You might get down to 1.008 which would be 75% attenuation. I wouldn't worry to much about final gravity. If it tastes good, then that is all that matters.
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    Spunding valve/pressure transfer lit for Sankey keg

    I was too, but my guess is it is something similar to what Jaybird does with his sanke kit. I have one of his, and I attached a tee off of it and added a prv. I will take a picture this weekend.
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    using imperial yeast sour batch kidz

    It's been two months. How's this batch going?
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    RTD PT100 3 Wire - How to hook it up

    I would say make sure they are wired to the same posts that you will be connecting to on your control panel. If I remember correctly, the two blue didn't matter, but the red needs to be connected to the same red wire in the control panel.
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    50% off for Inkbird Pre-wired PID Temperature Controller, Asking for Review

    I've been looking at this for a while now, and would love to write up a review on the unit. I currently have the ITC-308's controlling my fermentation chamber, and my fridge, as well as the ITC-100 pid in my control panel.
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    step starter - decant or simply add more?

    I crash, and build another starter.
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    Oversize yeast starter

    This is exactly what I do, and I haven't had any off flavors either. I make my oversize starters at 1.035 on a stir plate and do the best I can to keep them from any infections. I have done a lot of reading about lifespan of yeast, and a lot of info says 4-5 times and they are done, but I would...
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    Anyone multi-task smoking barbecue with home brewing?

    I do it, but for me, it's not that big of a deal because I have a Traeger Texas elite. Just set it and forget it. I also have a true wood fired smoker, but when I use that, I am focusing on just food. This weekend I'll be brewing a mac and jacks style amber at my parents house, and they have...
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    California Dual Conical Fermentation Setup

    That is an incredible system. Wish I was in a position to take it off your hands, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for my setup. Good luck with the sell!