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    ingredients, Anise and Vanilla

    I've never heard of roasting vanilla. If you have a couple spare beans, it might be really interesting to try, but I'd want to have a backup just in case. Anise is very potent, I'd be careful with it. You can always add more, even at bottling if you make an extract or tea.
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    Irish Moss

    It'll be fine, just uglier than it could've been ;)
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    SA Triple Bock

    Beers with really high melanoidins run the risk of creating that "soy sauce" flavor you're noticing. I know on the Brewing Network Jamil warns about it several times, I think in particular when talking about doppelbocks. So you're probably not crazy. I don't know, I think Sam Adams is going...
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    Recurring "infection" cleanup - here is my plan

    I would replace all my vinyl tubing first thing - that stuff is so cheap anyway. I'd fill my buckets with bleach solution and let them sit for a while - I love starsan for its convenience, but if I really want to kill something, I'll still go with bleach. I'd give the bleach treatment to...
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    Brewing historical beer?

    Not specific to a ship or the navy, but you could brew this guy.
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    Barleywine Recipe - 2nd opinion?

    Seems like quite a bit of crystal malt to me for a 2.5g batch, but that's a judgment call - it's certainly not unreasonable. I'd worry about WLP002 getting the job done on a barleywine, it just never seemed that strong an attenuator to me. I like the way it tastes, but I'd have something else...
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    My Munich Smells Like Honey Malt

    I always thought honey malt smelled vaguely vinegary. That is all.
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    Irish Moss

    Not to mention that haze is associated with long term flavor instability. I think I read that in either Fix or Noonan... if someone actually wants a reference, I can go look for it.
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    Ridiculous efficiency

    I find I have to keep a scratch tally when I'm measuring by quarts, or I totally forget where I am and skip a few numbers. I also measured water into my kettle by 1/2 gallons with measuring tape so I can go back and check if I forget if I tallied or not (each 1/2 gallon adds about 3/4"!).
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    Another "Am I infected" thread

    Looks pretty much like fallen krausen to me... and if it tastes fine, it probably is.
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    Celis White Clone... any reviews on this recipe?

    Haven't brewed the recipe, but I know Celis is famous for the "secret ingredient" chamomile.
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    Ridiculous efficiency

    It can really only be three things: 1) hydrometer error, 2) volume error, or 3) human error. Seems like your hydrometer is fine. How confident are you in your 6.25 gallons in the kettle estimation? Are you positive you didn't mis-weigh any of the grains? I always take my preboil gravity...
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    Irish Moss

    Clarity and color are not the same thing - even a dark beer can be opaque or hazy.
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    Wine Refrig for Fermenting Lagers?

    I got a wine refrigerator off craigslist for free because the internal temperature controller stopped working. Plugged it into an external one and it works fine for me.
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    Book or resource for malts/hops and what flavors they add to beer

    I think Designing Great Beers is a rather limited resource - it's great if you've got it, but I wouldn't go out and buy it if your only goal is to get to know malt profiles... it only covers a handful, and not in any more detail than you can get online just about anywhere. DGB is a great...
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    Cream Soda Recipe..

    Generally, cream soda is just vanilla in carbonated water... you could experiment with doses of extract by buying commercial seltzer and adding in the glass to see what you like, otherwise just wing one together and see what comes out.
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    Pyramid Apricot... An Elusive Clone?

    I think most commercial breweries using extracts for their fruit beers, even if just to supplement whole fruit... it's more consistent, and gives a much more pronounced flavor.
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    Homebrew Ice Cream

    Has anyone made ice cream or sorbet with their homebrew? Specifically, has anyone tried to make an ice cream using a hoppy beer?
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    Pyramid Apricot... An Elusive Clone?

    Shoot. I had read something like a month or two ago that caused me to think, "That would be a great way to get a boost of apricot flavor into something because the fruit is so subtle." Now I can only remember having the thought, not what inspired it. I almost think it was a spice? I'm posting...
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    Newbie tries dangerous capsumelomel recipe, ISO feedback

    That sounds like a good idea to me... you can always put some new stuff in there if it needs it. Isn't mango one of those foods that is chemically weird? I know it's related to poison ivy, and that smoke from mango wood is toxic, but I can't recall if the fruit has anything weird about it.