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    Lots of foam late in boil?

    So there’s a first time for everything... As I type, I am getting to the end of the boil on a pilsner, 5 minutes left. Here’s the grist and hop schedule: Malt Bill Malt Name Weight PPG SRM Type Pilsner, Bohemian - 1.9°L 4.00 kg 1.037 1.90 Mashed Grain Munich Malt - 10L...
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    Voss Kveik yeast is a monster

    I’m just popping in here to mention my experience with Imperial’s A44 Kveiking, which I understand is a blend of Voss and two other Kveik strains. I brewed it on Saturday, pitched Saturday night at 10pm - the wort was still at 34*C (93*F) when I pitched in the Kveiking, OG was 1.067 (would be...
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    Czech Lager yeast not fermenting...

    Fair enough, we’ll see how it looks in the morning, and if there’s still no activity, I’ll pitch another yeast.
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    Czech Lager yeast not fermenting...

    Escarpment (and Imperial) aren’t your typical yeasts - they actually have 200+ billion yeast cells per pack. Since I started using them over two years ago, I haven’t had to bother with a starter and had excellent results. Anyhow, the yeast was three months old, but still three months before...
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    Czech Lager yeast not fermenting...

    So this is new. I brewed a lager on Sunday, pitched a pack of Escarpment Lab Czech Lager yeast - basically the Canadian version of Imperial’s L28 Urkel. The yeast had been sitting in my keezer at 35*F, and I pitched it at straight from there into the wort at 55*. I then set the brew jacket to...
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    I just brewed a batch of this using Imperial Flagship yeast and achieved an exceptionally high attenuation. I mashed right at 150* and the OG was rigth at 1.044, but my FG dropped all the way down to 1.003. I’ve found the Imperial strains generally tend to attenuate to a somewhat drier finish...
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    Question abut decoction mash

    With regard to decoction, I’ve tried my hand at a number of pilsners and lagers looking for a particular flavour that I especially enjoy in European pilsners. It’s that dry biscuity aftertaste which almost reminds me of the taste of freshly baked bread. It’s not a sweetness imparted by the...
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    Whistler Brewing's Chestnut Brown Ale Clone

    Another reference on brewing with chestnuts: So maybe try chestnut flour?
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    Whistler Brewing's Chestnut Brown Ale Clone

    This beer has been on my mind for a while now, and tonight it was back on tap at the local pub, so I was trying to get a little more analytical with it. This beer definitely strays in the sweet side, bitterness is almost imperceptible and I’m not getting much hop flavour or aroma. I...
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    How are you using your chugger pump?

    I BIAB, and I've been looking to upgrade my kettle. I recently stumbled upon this setup which includes an inline chugger pump: I don't have a chugger pump in my current setup, & never saw the need for one...
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    Lagering - No Fridge for conditioning

    What I came here to post. I use my brewjacket to make lagers through the winter (while also making ales with the lower ambient temps), then I use it for ales through the summer.
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    Huston, we have a problem: looks like I'm brewing a barleywine

    Yes, by the end of the boil I had around 3.5 gallons in the kettle, so when I transferred it to the primary, I topped it up with water to a full 5 gallons. I'm curious about this as well. I have added a small amount of water just before bottling in the past to replace some lost volume with...
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    Huston, we have a problem: looks like I'm brewing a barleywine

    Very basically, just stiring it up with a spoon, but this time looks like I didn't whip it up quite enough. After pouring the water in to fill it up to the full 5 gallons it was looking very frothy, so I just gave it a quick stir before pitching. Now I'm thinking it may be a good time to look...
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    Huston, we have a problem: looks like I'm brewing a barleywine

    Fair enough, I'll follow the golden rule of brewing and just not touch it and let it do its thing. So lesson learned, I need to make sure my wort is properly stirred before pitching. Might be time to invest in an aerator.
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    Huston, we have a problem: looks like I'm brewing a barleywine

    So to answer a few questions: It is a full 5 gallon batch, I boiled 3.5 gallons, then topped it off with 1.5 gallons of distilled water in the primary. So that said, while the water did splash around in the wort pretty well. It may not have mixed as well as it should. Before trying anything...
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    Huston, we have a problem: looks like I'm brewing a barleywine

    td;lr: My latest brew has an accidental OG of 1.120, and I need to make sure I'm not missing something, having never tried brewing a beer this big. Any help is appreciated. Long version: I'm relatively new to homebrewing, having only started a year and a half ago. Up until now, I've been...