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    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

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    Champagne bottle bombs?

    Thanks for the reply. This was the beer after just two weeks of conditioning. Looks like the rest are going into the fridge.
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    Champagne bottle bombs?

    Update...I opened one of the bottles over the weekend and it's already quite carbonated. I'm thinking somewhere between 2.5 and 3 volumes of CO2 with only one week of carbonation. I am leaning towards waiting another two weeks and then just throwing the lot into a fridge. It's pretty damn...
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    Champagne bottle bombs?

    So I brewed an Orval clone with mash temp 152 and initial gravity 1.059. Fermented in primary for a week with a free rise from 57 F to 72 F, then transferred to secondary, added two bottles of Orval dregs and let it sit for three weeks at 59 F. The final gravity was 1.008. I did a few things...
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    HomeBrewTalk 2013 Big Giveaway!

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    Kegconnection Portable Keg Kit Giveaway!

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    BrewHardware Giveaway!

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    Cool Brewing Giveaway!

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    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

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    WTT: 3 gal ball lock keg for two 5 gal ball lock kegs

    I live in Herndon, Virginia, within the DC Metro area.
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    WTT: 3 gal ball lock keg for two 5 gal ball lock kegs

    As the subject line says, I've got a 3 gallon ball lock and want to trade it for two 5 gallon ball lock kegs or $70. I'm looking to increase my kegging capacity. Local only, please. The keg is a single plastic handle style keg. It holds pressure and I just cleaned and sanitized it. You will...
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    Is it too late for Octoberfest lager/marzen?

    You can pull it off if you skip the lager phase. Make your wort and chill to pitching temps...a little less than 50 F. Have a large starter of lager yeast and chill it to a couple degrees lower than your wort...somewhere around 46 F to 48 F. The WLP 820 / Wyeast 2206 seems to fit the style, but...
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

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    Scottish Ale technique for making Belgian Dark Strong Ale?

    I've been recently reading about Scottish Ales and I was wondering if anyone has ever tried using the Scottish Ale "boil down technique" to make a Belgian Dark Strong Ale. What I mean is using only Belgian Pale and Pilsner malt and taking the first gallon of runnings, then boiling that down...
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    Comments on Double Chocolate Stout Recipe?

    I did the following for a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout and it ended up tasting excellent. I just dumped the rest of an 8 oz container of cocoa powder into the boil. One thing to consider is that the cocoa powder will increase the bitterness of the beer. I also used Pale Chocolate Malt instead of...
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    Gumballhead Clone- Extract

    Someone else had a similar post and this was what I did, but it's an all grain version: Like I mentioned in my response, I think the quantity and timing of the hop additions is the key to this recipe...
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    Hoppy wheat beer recipe advice

    I did the following, also inspired by Gumball Head, and it ended up being very quaffable. I think the key is trying to keep the IBUs relatively similar with each hop addition, that way bitterness is spread across the boil and doesn't compete with flavor and aroma...or at least I think that's how...
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    Dubbel Recipe

    If you're going with a "modern" recipe, I wouldn't sweat the base malt too much. I used 76% Briess Pilsner, 7% Caramunich, 3.5% Aromatic, 3.5% Special B, and some homemade dark candy syrup. One 90 min hop addition and Wyeast 1214. Mine ended up being a near clone of Chimay Red, but of course I...