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    For Sale Anvil Foundry 10 Gallon with Pump $400

    10 Gallon Anvil Foundry: - 120/240 volt capability unit (I had 240 plug adapter made for me so it can brew in 120 and 240, if you have the proper outlet). - pump with all of the necessary attachments. - 240 v adapter plug - immersion chiller - Used for about 25 brewing sessions and has worked...
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    Airlock filled with blowoff

    Just checked my airlock and looks like some blowoff has gotten in, should it be cleaned out?
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    Force Carbing: Picnic Tap

    Thanks for confirming my suspicions and no, I do not want to risk my precious beer to a $3 piece of plastic.
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    Force Carbing: Picnic Tap

    I am currently force carbing my latest ale and was wondering if the picnic tap can be on while doing this or does it have to be taken off after each time I test the brew for proper carbonation?
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    Wyeast 3522 is this normal?

    Except for the temperature which I pitched the yeast I had the same experience with the Wyeast 3522. I haven't checked the FG but assume that it is probably finished. Interesting...
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    Wyeast 3522 Pitched too Warm... Ruined?

    The Belgian IPA was actually an extract kit from Northern Brewer called Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA. It had about 9lbs of Pilsen Extract, 2lbs of corn sugar and Magnum, Cascade and Saaz hops added to various points of the boil. Sounded like it was going to be a tasty IPA with a belgian twist...
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    Wyeast 3522 Pitched too Warm... Ruined?

    I am brewing a Beligian IPA. Made a starter on Friday, didn't get much action with the starter however a significant amount of yeast formed on the bottom so I figured it was probably alright. Brewed yesterday and pitched the yeast at around 84 degrees which I didn't figure was a huge deal since...
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    best keg supply prices?

    I found this place on E-Bay but they have their own website. I got a 5 gallon used ball lock keg, 2-1 brand new Regulator a brand new CO2 tank and of the necessary connections for $154 + shipping = $172.00. Set it up and everything seems to work.
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    Beer Contamination?

    Thanks for the responses and links, I feel a bit better. I'll hope for the best and if it doesn't work out I'll chalk it up to experience.
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    Beer Contamination?

    Put the cover on the bucket, filled the airlock with water and inserted the airlock into the hole and wouldn't you know the seal in the hole pushed through into the wort. I tried to fish it out with a spoon but it was impossible. I eventually washed my arm up to my elbow and grabbed the seal...