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    Post your "whoops" moments- messes, etc

    Brewed an American Wheat and an IPA last night. At least, I think I did... I had plenty of two row in buckets at home along with about 5-6 lbs maris otter. When I went to the home brew shop I just needed my specialty grain. I brought an empty bucket with and added my wheat, munich, and acid...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    22,268.5 + 5.5 Zombie Dust + 5.5 Westvleteren 12 =22,279.5
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    2nd brew concerns

    I made this mistake once and my beer turned out just fine. I wouldn't sweat it as it is out of your control now. Congratulations on your brew day!
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    2nd brew concerns

    For the dry hopping, that is what I generally do with my ales. I give them two weeks then dry hop for one week. I don't even measure FG until after I rack to a bottling bucket as three weeks is plenty of time for fermentation to complete. For reference, depending on style I use about 2-3 Oz of...
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    2nd brew concerns

    Calculate your pre boil gravity and then take a measurement of it before you start the boil. If it comes in high, you could always dilute it with water. If it comes in low you'll have to deal with it or add extract. The recipe looks good to me...
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    cold crash the IIPA?

    If you cold crash you may want to add some conditioning yeast at bottling. Even if you don't cold crash you may want to. I brewed this recently and did not cold crash and it was my first beer that did not carbonate well.
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    RO Water Bicarbonate Addition?

    I brew 5.5 gallon all grain batches and build from a 100% RO profile. I have used Bru n Water for the past five batches but only for purpose of estimating pH. For IPAs I typically add gypsum and calcium chloride which results in the folowing profile (my sulfate amount is admittedly low for an...
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    First AG Brew Day!

    Looks great! Nice job on the first AG batch!
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    Brewed my First Barleywine

    Just tasted a sample after a week in the oak barrel and it's fantastic! Will likely give it a second week and then bottle.
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    What came in the mail for you today?

    D-180 candi syrup for an upcoming Westvleteren 12 clone. :)
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    Ontario Brewery

    If you head near Toronto, absolutely check out Bellwoods. One of my favorite breweries and fantastic food. I've also been to Oast House near Niagara on the Lake which is cool for the experience. Silversmith is nearby too and has some unique offerings.
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    Cotton candy/Gumball IPA

    3 Floyd's in Indiana makes a Gumballhead brew using Amarillo hops that give it a gumball aroma. Not so much the flavor though.
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    First All Grain Brew

    Measure your volumes and temperatures. It's going to take a few brews to dial in your equipment. Prior to your first brew, calculate your boil off rate. During the brew day measure your actual mash temp, the pre boil volume, pre boil gravity. Then measure volume into your fermentation vessel and...
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    Brewed my First Barleywine

    Gave this four weeks in primary where it hit a FG of 1.021. Pretty spot on to my target of 1.019. I transferred 1.3 gallons to my new oak barrel and bottled the remaining 4 gallons. I sampled it and no off flavors or fusels which was great. I also rehydrated 1.5g of CBC-1 conditioning yeast...
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    Aging in a New Oak Barrel

    Thanks. The instructions that came with it recommended swelling it with water for a week but you've talked sense into me and I just drained the water. It was only in there for one day at least. It smelled great. I'll be adding the barleywine to it this weekend. I plan to taste it...
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    Aging in a New Oak Barrel

    I currently have my new barrel soaking with water and am curious what to expect. I was not planning to "season" it with Bourbon as I just wanted some oak flavor in my upcoming barleywine. Is "seasoning" it highly recommended or just preference? What ratio of Bourbon to barrel size is recommended?
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    What's Your Favorite Homebrew?

    I experienced mosaic hops for the first time in Founder's Mosaic Promise and loved it. I plan to make a session IPA soon so that would be a great hop to try out. Thanks for the idea :)
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    What's Your Favorite Homebrew?

    Thanks! I think I'll try my hand at the first recipe (simpler grain bill) and see how it goes. When did you add the syrup to yours? How long did you age yours?
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    What's Your Favorite Homebrew?

    Do you have a link to the Westvleteren 12 recipe? May need to try that one. Erik, That Czech Pale Lager sounds fantastic right now in this AZ desert heat.
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    What's Your Favorite Homebrew?

    As I now have 17 batches under my belt, I was thinking about all the recipes I've made. There's one in particular that I reach for most and it's the simplest...a SMASH IPA with Maris Otter malt and Galaxy hops. I've been moving away from bitter beers and this one is just perfect on the palate to...