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    Don't do what I did.

    I did a little more research. Not all vinyl tubing is the same. Temp ratings differ by manufacturer and are not always easy to find. I have some lousy tubing. Your results may vary.
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    Don't do what I did.

    I'm surprised. My taste test at170F made it obviously clear that I awe getting off flavors form the vinyl tubing. The wife agreed she could taste the difference.
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    Don't do what I did.

    Hey new AG brewers: Don't make my dumb mistake. I made my first all grain 3 batches ago. It had it's issues but i chalked it up to me learning a new process. second batch went better but I has an inorganic medicine taste going on. The third batch was a repeat of batch #2's recipe. I nailed...
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    Max mash for 5 gallon mash tun?

    Here's an older thread on the subject with a simple chart for reference.
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    Colorado beers

    Grimm Brothers in Loveland. Their Red Cap won gold at GABF. Can be found in bombers at a few liquor stores in the ares or go to their taproom. It is worth the drive plus it puts you within 30 min. Of Fort Collins and their 11 breweries. Truly a Mecca for craft beer.
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    the next step... Trying to brew great beer.

    Great suggestions. I do make starters but do not have a stir plate. Think I'll make that my next project. I live in CO in an are well known for good quality water (mountain runoff), so I 'feel' like that is not an issue but have never had it tested.
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    the next step... Trying to brew great beer.

    So I've gotten to the point where I can brew good beer, but not great. I am hitting my numbers and doing everything correctly as far as process go, but my homebrews are not even close to a good craft brew. What is the next step to get my beers close to that level? Better fermentation temp...
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    American Amber Ale Caramel Amber Ale

    When you're making the candy recipe, don't forget to adjust the temperatures if you live at altitude! See my post here:
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    20 lb of sugar and a jar of yeast nutrient

    A word to the wise for those of you living at altitude: Decrease all of the temperature 1 deg F for every 500ft in altitude. I live at 5000ft and my first attempt at deep amber came out way dark and the syrup was thicker than molasses. I found out you need to adjust candy temperatures when you...
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    Need some help with a DIY tap handle idea

    Sounds like a good job for epoxy. You will probably want to have that inner hollow part to be exposed to the air for expansion and curing. I suggest a straw through the cap.
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    lead free solder in the kettle

    The melting point of lead free solder is 400F. I will be well below that. More worried about any other issues like durability.
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    lead free solder in the kettle

    I am about to build a copper thermowell for my kettle. I want to seal the end of the crimped end of the copper tubing with lead free solder. Is there any issue with using lead free tin instead of silver solder. For copper I do not see any advantage to using silver. Thanks!
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    Go stainless or go home?

    Brass is 3% lead. The idea that 3% of the surface area of a brass fitting could affect the taste of your beer (much less your health) is nonsense. Last week a wasp land in my boil kettle while I was brewing. I didn't worry about that and it don't worry about the tiny bit of brass in my MLT...
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    What do you think the new fad for BMC will be?

    +1 to that. Their tour is all about their sustainability and environmental efforts. It's impressive, I have to admit. They also make Mothership Wit which is all organic, and tastes wonderful I might add.
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    Multi-conductor cables... HELP!

    Here you go: 26 gage is good up to 2A. I have lots of experience with L-com. I use them professionally on a regular basis. Highly recommended. Here's a 25 ft. cable or the same type: You can't go wrong with D-SUB...
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    Help me name my beers

    I like Geburstag Kolsch and First Year Altbier. You have a natural talent there diatonic. Thanks. Now lets see what SWMBO thinks :).
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    Help me name my beers

    Here's the dilemma: I have 2 new brews we will be offering at a barbecue birthday party for my son's 1st birthday. Beer for the adults only, of course :). SWMBO wants names and labels for the two beers but we can't decide on a name. She wants a name like "baby brew" which I think is tacky. I...
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    Digital Hydrometer

    I always wondered if a sensitive enough pressure sensor attached to the bottom of a hydrometer could do the trick. If you know how deep the bottom of the hydrometer is in the liquid you can easily determine the SG. This one has a 1% accuracy with a 0.5psi max pressure (your wort 4 in. down is...
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    Bottling automation ideas

    I've been thinking about this whole idea. Everything seems conceivable and can be done on the cheap with stepper motors and/or pneumatic actuators, all controlled with an Arduino board or something similar. The real stumbling block in my mind is how do you know when the bottle is full? Anyone...
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    Copper Thermowells

    or just use heatshrink on each lead