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    Colorado ALL GRAIN Equipment Denver Area

    Hi buzzbromp, Congrats on the new little one! Sure you don't wanna save all that for when they're older...? I was interested in your corny kegs, I'd take all 4 if you are parting out your kegerator. I'm local, and thirsty!
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    Appalachian Trail Mead

    Well just an update, my hiking plans are settled (hit the Trail on 4/6/11) and my mead is already finished fermenting. I ended up using about 15 #s of honey with 5 # of blueberries. I used staggered nutrient additions and it finished in about 10 days @ FG 0.999. Even this young, it tastes and...
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    Noob brewer- first time apfelwein + skeeter pee

    If your quickly going through your stash this early in the game, go ahead and buy some more buckets and ingredients. Stagger a few batches so you always have something to drink.
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    Not your traditional fermenter.

    Go to your local supermarket bakery. Ask for their old food grade buckets. FREE fermenters.
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    does technology diminish the experience?

    Just like any hobby, engineers come along and show everybody up (Just playing around, I secretly desire some of the bling @ss rigs I see on here). I really like to work for my beer, and I feel that shows in the final product. Although I do appreciate the thought and devotion many on this forum...
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    I like Natural Light.

    Mhmm I've been making Yuengling black and cans all this week. Canned Yungey with homebrew stout, doesn't get much better than that with all this snow going on.
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    The Double Parti-gyle

    Nice work! I have been really enjoying parti-gyleing on most brew days as well.
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    The problem with kegging is...

    Epic, Sir. :mug:
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    French Saison (3711) - what a beautiful beast! (video)

    Its like a kaleidoscope for alcoholics! I'm curious about this yeast, I saw it at the LHBS but have been weary of Belgians lately (I dont know what to do with 5 gallons of the stuff).
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    Where to buy Hops in bulk?

    +1 for FHBS, their semi bulk packaging helps me save money and try a bunch of quality hops. FTW!
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    brass parts on my mash tun

    I say F-it. I've used my brass ball valves for a while now and I'm still kickin'. I think there is a lot more to worry about in all the insanely modified foods we eat than in a common plumbing valve.
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    What hoes?

    I came into this thread expecting a question about which street you pick up your escorts at. Over.
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    How to lighten your sanke keggle

    Whoa! Torro bling kettle! That looks really interesting...
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    ingredient purchase screwups

    Sorry to hear that. No one else in the area who may have some extra hops on hand? I swap goodies with all the brewers in the area, sometimes it feels like we're dealing drugs, lol. "Yo, I'll give you two oz Cascade for one oz simcoe man, I need my fix!".
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    How Long are Grains Good?

    I'd use them all, including the 2 Row. You'll only know if you brew with it.
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    2 different colors?

    Kinda confused about your process here, could you explain a little more? As far as different colors go, did you take a gravity reading of each? It's possible for some residual sugars to have separated while aging.
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    What is the oldest piece of clothing that you still wear regularly?

    I have a few old punk t-shirts from the late 90s that are still floating around. Nothing like seeing your GF in your old beat to **** Rancid tee, with more holes than it has ink.
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    120v Electric 5 gal Brewery

    Good looking kettle there, cant wait to see pics inside the box. Have you had any trouble brewing straight on the floor?
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    Separating 5 gallons into 2 Primaries?

    I say do it, its exactly what I and many others do with 10 gallon batches. Again, its really fun to experiment with different yeasts, temperatures, dry hopping, etc. with two different batches.
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    A few things before the green light

    First, congrats and welcome to the best hobby known to man! - Just toss the hops into the kettle -Your stock pot sounds like what I started with. What kind of material is it made out of? Enamel, Stainless, Aluminum? -Boil as much as you can with your kettle, fill in fermenter to 5...