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    A boring, but practical, question

    Important fact #1 - I brew inside, on my gas stove. Important fact #2 - I have (as yet, knock wood) had no boil-overs. Regardless of fact #2, the heat off the bottom of my large kettles causes whatever minimal amounts of invisible "gunk" are on my stove surface to burn and become nice...
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    Souring in Guinness clone ???

    Okay, so I have looked at a number of Guinness-clone type recipes and many of them suggest souring some beer and adding it back in post-boil. These tend to suggest the terrifying (to me) method of leaving beer in a bowl for a week and then freezing. This seems (to me) like a really good way...
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    lowering sparge water ph

    When I acidify my sparge water, I use lactic acid, which seems to work pretty well. There's a small section in Dave Miller's old homebrewing book (The Complete Handbook of Home Brewing), so I'd guess there's probably one in his new one as well. BLM
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    Which Grain Mill?

    I just recently got a Corona Mill for Christmas (like your #2), and have done two batches with it, both weighing in at about 82% efficiency, which my buddy and I are pretty happy with :) Brad
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    Star San touchy-touchy?

    Okay, my friend and I have just converted over to Star San, but once we got it home, we were terrified by the bottle warnings. Is Star San safe to touch with a naked (e.g. ungloved) hand when in its properly diluted form?
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    Corona crush

    Success! Brewed today with the first crush from the new Corona. From my back of the envelope math, looks like about 80% efficiency! A brewery high so far!
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    Chlorine water chemistry question

    Because the water in Ann Arbor is alarmingly clean, e.g. free of salts. We're talking about halfway between Pilsn water and London water.
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    Chlorine water chemistry question

    Okay, I will fully admit that I am being an overly-anal retentive ex-chemistry major here, but ... when you pre-boil your liquor, does that remove all chlorine such that when I am considering salt (generally, not NaCl) additions, I can assume that Cl is at 0? Not sure if this is the right...
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    Corona crush

    Just got a new Corona Mill for Christmas, and wanted to pass along my experiences so far. Brewing first batch with it on Saturday. I don't have any fancy pictures because I'm, you know, lazy. My initial look at the grinding surfaces on the fully assembled mill made me think that the gap was...
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    The real deal on recirculating

    According to Dave Miller's book, at the beginning of lautering, you should recirculate your runoff until "crystal clear". After an hour and a half of recirculating on last Saturday (don't ask - bad job sparging last time, nuff said), my buddy and I were never able to hit "crystal clear" to our...
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    Any other Ann Arbor AG brewers?

    I'm in A2 as well, but have only done two AG batches here so far. I agree that I am concerned about brewing stouts and porters (my favs!) due to the too-clean water profile :) BLM
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    Fermentation question

    Thanks for the quick responses! I usually (i.e. almost always) use a secondary, carboy fermenter before bottling. In the past, I've always done it for about a week, but I've more recently read that two weeks is the recommended minimum, so that's what I'm going to be trying on this batch. BLM
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    straining wort

    I used to use a funnel with strainer for this purpose, but found that it gets blocked/slow flow in a HURRY. On my last batch of beer (admittedly all-grain, but the principle is the same), I used a simply kitchen collander to remove the hops from the finished wort. As long as you throroughly...
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    Fermentation question

    Hi there, first time poster. I have brewed several batches of all-grain brews before, but this is the first time I've had a fermentation issue. Here's the relevant stats: Original gravity - 1.037 Yeast - Dry Nottingham, 1 packet Fermentation temp - between 63F and 61F Wort was made and...