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    I need help figuring out why I can’t brew anymore lol

    Also what can really lose a lot of water is if you wait until you have all of your sparge done before lighting the burner. I usually fire the burner as soon as I have a few inches and try to keep it to where I'm ready to rock and roll as soon as the brew pot hits the pre-60 min mark. Usually...
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    5 years in primary fermentation

    Ok... I opened her up, no foul smell. BUT-- definitely doesn't smell like Apfelwein. It smells like a specialty liquor.... bizarre. I took a sample and tasted it. Definitely not vinegar, and it definitely still feels like a high gravity beverage. Little doubt in my mind that it...
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    5 years in primary fermentation

    >Aaaaand how does it taste? I'm scared to try it... lol, but I guess in reality there is no other way I can know... >Sounds like it might be awesome... or at least good vinegar. Maybe I could mix a sample with baking soda to see if makes a Volcano? >If you try it can I have your stuff...
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    5 years in primary fermentation

    This might be a record. I have not brewed in 5 years, due to just not having time and having a second kid. Before I quit, a buddy and I did 4 5 gallon batches, one of which was apfelwein. When bottling day came around we finished bottling all the beer, but didn't have time to finish the...
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    Stainless Steel spring or something inside MLT braid??

    I hate to bring back a thread this dead, but I just had to order one of these springs myself so I was glad to find this. Pondering why some people are having trouble with their braids and not others, I have come to the following theory: I store my brew pot inside of the mash tun, and...
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    hops In secondary

    I think most folks put the hops in the secondary first then rack on top of them allowing the swirling during the racking process to mix a little... you could swirl the carboy/fermentor a little... but not sure if it will make that much difference... i would personally keep it sealed until...
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    Very quick ferment

    4 days is a long time... definitely leave it full 2 weeks to mellow, but after 4 days the major part of the fermentation is done provided it started in 4-8 hours... you are now just waiting for the last little bits of fermentation and for it to settle out...
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    Electrician career

    if you like networking, programming and electronics, why not do all of them... its called industrial controls industry. Learn to program PLC's... its tied to manufacturing (which the market has been down lately) but there will always be a need...
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    problem finding bottles

    Also look up threads here on using oxyclean to remove labels, works great, if you dont mind using branded bottles... i use them because i hate trying to ask people for my bottles back when i give them beer...
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    Is 20' of tubing enough for an Immersion Wort Chiller?

    I have a 50ft stainless immersion chiller (which i love cause it doesnt get nasty like copper), but if i was still brewing 3g and topping off at the fermenter (which i used to), I would recommend a turkey fryer first... for some reason I think brewing the whole volume is more important than...
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    the big debate (secondary fermentation)...

    After fermentation is done i usually notice the cloudiness disappearing with each additional few days it is left i have left a batch for a whole month and it really cleared well
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    the big debate (secondary fermentation)...

    my advice is that if you do primary only, make sure that you primary ferment in a transparent glass or plastic better bottle carboy... that way you can "see" it clearing out... with a bucket its hard to judge
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    Bud Light Platinum 6.0% abv

    I try to taste everything new and had to try it as well... My review: Bud light, but with a sweeter taste, more alcohol... I am guessing the extra alcohol came from corn sugar... that being said.......... I think this is an interesting marketing strategy... who else has made a low...
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    First All Grain - Noob Mistakes But Not a Total Disaster

    yes, chuck it all in.. and if you are doing only a primary, just be very careful with the autosiphon when you extract... when you are extracting the last bit, pull the autosiphon out as soon as you see the first bit of trub come out... i've been doing this for a while and have hardly any...
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    Left-over Grain

    After seeing the grain piles I have left in the yard... they do not decompose very fast... I wonder if it is dried, can you burn it? :-)
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    Raspberry Extract

    my vote is for 2oz... i just made a chocolate raspberry stout (5gal) and added 2oz to bottling bucket... it worked out great, several compliments from friends... if its alcohol based extract (which i think most is) it adds no more fermentables... so use normal amount of bottling sugar...
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    Really want to try Pliny The Elder (Trade)

    >Fargo, North Dakota... Doh! I would be having the same questions > >EDIT: jesus... next Monday you have an expected high of 19 degrees... >That's sweatshirt gets -40F without the wind sometimes. Send some cold weather down to TN and N Carolina immediately... it is horribly hot...
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    New Home Brewer- Charles Town, WV

    Welcome! and good luck with the light beers, they are the hardest to get right... I'm over 2 years in to this and still haven't made one that was good... though, you can make good IPA, stout, nut brown, and many, many, unlimited others... i have not tried to lager yet, but most good light...
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    Did I completely screw up???

    I will have to admit, I've never knowingly had suckback.. if you run a blow off tube down to a water reservoir 1 ft lower than your fermentation liquid surface, i bet it would take a large temperature change to make this happen... if i get bored tomorrow I might try to calculate it :-)...