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    Rothaus Tannen Zaepfle clone

    All I can say is the hydrometer I used was checked for calibration with distilled water and the degassed sample at 65 degrees read on the high side of 1.007, so 1.008 is reasonable. I trust what I see in front of me more than what I read on a website.
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    Rothaus Tannen Zaepfle clone

    For anyone trying to do a clone, here is some more info I got from testing a de-gassed sample Fg is around 1.007, which would make the og 1.046. Final beer ph is 4.2. Hope that helps with the quest! It’s a fantastic beer.
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    Blichmann rims rocket 120v

    Looking for a complete (element, power cord, and housing) 120v rims rocket in good, working condition. Let me know if you have one you’d like to unload!
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    (broken) keezer for sale (Cincinnati, OH)

    Black igloo 5.2cf chest freezer converted to a 3 tap kegerator. Used for 2 years and then it died on me. Not sure if the compressor is bad or if it's something electrical but I built a new keezer and didn't want to mess with it. Collar is made of poplar stained with a dark walnut finish and...
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    Sanyo 4912 mini fridge (Cincinnati)

    $150 for one.. not selling the others.
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    Sanyo 4912 mini fridge (Cincinnati)

    If you are reading this post you probably know about this fridge. It was discontinued years ago by Sanyo. It is one of the few that will comfortably fit two 5g corny kegs and a co2 tank. I used it as a fermentation chamber but i can easily be converted to a kegerator (lots of forum threads...
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    Brewed this with 100% belgian pale malt and d180 7 days ago. Somehow undershot the gravity and started at 1.082. It's down to 1.014 now with still lots of activity, so i'm hoping it will drop another point or two. Taste is a little hot right now but good. I did a 6g batch that i'm planning to...
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale Westvleteren 12 Clone - Multiple Award Winner

    In a genius move i bought all belgian pale malt instead of pilsen. Anyone brew this with 100% belgian pale?
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    Spike Brewing NEW v3 Kettle Now In Stock!

    Thinking hard in this..what's the lead time and extra cost to get a triclover flange welded on?
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    Input on simple electric brewing setup

    Any input on the GFCI issue? Is my only option to go with a spa panel? I've look at the inline GFCI options, but they seem to be ridiculously expensive.
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    Input on simple electric brewing setup

    Thanks for the suggestion. The appeal of the stilldragon option is that it is sold as a "kit"..which is nice for people like me without a lot of electrical knowledge. What all would a need to make this work as device that i can simple turn the knob to adjust the boil? I assume the controller,an...
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    Input on simple electric brewing setup

    For several years i've been brewing 5-6 gallon batches on the stove top with the help of a 2000W 120v heatstick. Recently it starting tripping my GFCI, so i decide to upgrade my system. My plan is to use a 5500W 240v element (mounted using triclovers and element enclosure from brewhardware)...
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    West Virginia Blichmann 10g boilermaker G1

    Great condition blichmann 10g boilmaker. G1 version (better than newer version). Comes with the adjustable angle brewmometer (which is $80 on its own). Also comes with the blichmann filter, as shown in the pic. Ships in original box with all the extra parts pictured (extra o-rings, allen...
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    West Virginia Like new Perlick 545 flow control faucet

    Yep, regular shank. PM'd you with payment info.
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    Maine Dual Shank for Sale

    Sent a PM a few days ago asking for paypal info to buy one..heard nothing back.