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    5 Do's And Don'ts For A New Brewer

    I have actually had to stop drinking all together on brew days; I find that just one or two beers is enough to slightly impair my judgement and increase the likelihood of a careless mistake. Great advice for a beginner!
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    What's your profession?

    Geological Engineer (Coal Mining) I also own and operate a small engine repair shop (Because the above job is soul crushing)
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    How exactly do I use my new RIMS sysyem?

    My RIMS has a PID electronic temperature control. You have answered my question too. The previous time I brewed, I mashed with my RIMS, and then added my sparge water and ran it through the system for another 1.5 hours, and then drained all of it back into my brew kettle. It was fairly easy, but...
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    How exactly do I use my new RIMS sysyem?

    I got my RIMS system all set to go, but I have a few questions about how to actually brew with it (go easy on me, as I am new to this). My question is, a usual recipe calls for a 60 minute mash and a 1-2 hour sparge with additional water. When I used to do basic all grain, I would do just...
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    Beer and guns

    Nothing is more American than mixing beer and guns. Here are a few of mine: I like class III, and I really love to shoot .22s.
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    Arduino Controlled Fermentation Fridge

    Awesome. Awesome, man!
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    Arduino Controlled Fermentation Fridge

    Very nice. Care to share your code? I am capable of using the LCD display, but incorporating the push-button coding and menus, and adding the PID temp libraries is a little above my realm of understanding.
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    44L Round Bottom Flask Pyrex Fermenter

    That is really cool. Never seen one that big before. Its a shame this is the only one that survived. :(
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    Idea for a product

    I'd be very interested if the price was right, especially in the 10 and 15 gallon range.
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    Wiring digram needed Please

    that wiring diagram will not work if you are running a 4400W element. You will need a diagram for a 220V system I believe.
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    Kickstarter temp controller

    My comments were not meant to offend anyone. As an out of the box gadget it is really cool. I only stated that i would rather make my own for cheaper. When someone doubted that, I tried to explain that I could. I totally understand that one-offs are far cheaper to build than making hundreds...
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    Breaker always tripping

    I had a similar thing happen to me. After triple and quadruple checking my wires and connections, I realized I had a short that was throwing the breaker. I bet you do too, based on what you are describing.
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    Kickstarter temp controller

    You can buy an Arduino for $10 on eBay. Code is free. Throw in another $8 for LCD shield with buttons, and $10 relays wire and resistors. Then find a cheap project box to fit it all in. Cords are a dime a dozen from china. Just sayin...I could think I could make one for about $30-$40.
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    Kickstarter temp controller

    I saw that too. I am a DIYer though, and would rather build my own with an Arduino for about 1/5 of the cost. Cool gadget though.
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    Total noob question. Wiring an Auber SW11. Please help.

    Thanks. That explained things well. I think I can tackle this now!
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    Total noob question. Wiring an Auber SW11. Please help.

    I am copying this wiring diagram: I am trying to get my power switch wired, a "1 normally open 1 normally closed" switch. I was trying to go by Auber's instructions located here: and I am looking at #'s 11 and 23. They both have "L" in...
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    Arduino Based Beer Monitor System

    Can you share your code? I am working on a similar project, and your code, especially the LED control code would be INCREDIBLY USEFUL! :mug:
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    My new RIMS control panel

    SWMBO is gonna be mad at me. I just bought all the supplies (minus the pump) to start this build. Thanks! :rockin: Can someone point me in the right direction for the kind of female receptacles I need for both the pump and the element?