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    Is it possible to change course here?

    I have a wash of 5.25 lbs. of white sugar dissolved in 2.5 gal. of water that has been fermenting in a 5 gal. carboy for the last few days (using EC-1118 champagne yeast). My original plans for the wash won't be coming to fruition and instead am wondering if it's possible to change course at...
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    Pitching yeast twice

    I have a beer that has been slow to show signs of fermentation. After 48 hours the first bubbles are beginning to burp. Earlier, I purchased a second pack of yeast (Wyeast Activator), thinking I may need to re-pitch. If fermentation is progressing fine now, is there any harm in adding the second...
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    Re-pitching with different yeast

    I haven't yet taken a hydro reading. But that's good advice that I'll follow as well as investigating why the yeast isn't doing well as it is. The temp is currently 70-72 (pitched at 70 with good aeration). It was a "top off" batch (2.5 gal.), how does this affect the yeast? If I re-pitch, is it...
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    Re-pitching with different yeast

    My latest batch has yet to show signs of fermentation after 36 hours. This has me wondering: if I decide to re-pitch the yeast, is it problematic to re-pitch with a different strain? Specifically, I brewed a hefeweizen and originally pitched Wyeast 3638 but would re-pitch with Wyeast 3068 due to...
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    Calculating original gravity

    Thanks for the replies guys. They were just what I was looking for.
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    Calculating original gravity

    I took a gravity reading before pitching the yeast of my latest batch and it read 1.097 -- way to high. The fermenter was sealed and stored before I realized I took my reading before adding 2.5 gallons of water to "top it off". Is there a way to calculate my "actual" O.G. based on my reading...
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    Prospects of my first batch

    Would sampling and tasting the brew before racking or bottling give an indication if any off-flavors will be present in the final beer? I assume this is OK -- just beer without any carbonation, right? I appreciate the replies.
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    Prospects of my first batch

    So I brewed up my first batch last night and a small amount of sanitizer from the airlock found its way into the fermenter with the wort. The sanitizer was a solution of chlorine and water (1 tbsp. chlorine per gal. water). I figure a half tbsp. or less of solution ended up in the fermenter with...