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  1. J

    Can you put CO2 in a beer gas cylinder?

    The tanks are the same but the valves are different. The regulators are the same but have a different fitting for the valve. My guess is a good supplier would be happy to trade the cylinders for little or no cost. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  2. J

    Help a noob with a keg set up!

    From the descriptions it sounds like the cheaper option doesn't actually include the pictured double regulator. It's a little unclear but I think it comes with a 2 way manifold that would only allow the two kegs to be at the same pressure. Pay the extra for the double regulator you'll never...
  3. J

    NY Brew Supply Mill - Cereal Killer?

    That's a cereal killer. I just got one. I only run about 50lbs through it so far but I love it. Sent from my iPad using Home Brew
  4. J

    Trying to get the hop-back effect...?

    What's your water like? Do you have your local water report? Adding sulfates helps highlight hops.
  5. J

    Pressurized removable keg lid

    Cut the hole in an oval just like a corny. That way the lid can go inside and the pressure will seal it.
  6. J

    Growler carbonation preservation idea

    Once you open the growler you'll lose carbonation unless you add pressure with co2. The Growler Saver as well as some other devices do this. Unopened a growler will maintain carbonation and stay fresh for at least a week if filled properly.
  7. J

    March 809

  8. J

    Questions on building a brew stand

    I have only pumped directly from the mlt once and had a 15% drop in efficiency. I have heard from many others that pumping the mash has had similar results. I know that many people do this so there must be a way to fix this. I decided however to do a two tier system where I pump water up to...
  9. J

    Specialty IPA: Rye IPA River Rock IPA

    10 gallons finished I collect 13 gallons boil down to 11 gallons and transfer 10.5 ish to fermenters. My mash efficiency was 75. Started at 1.058 finished at 1.008
  10. J

    Specialty IPA: Rye IPA River Rock IPA

    It's fantastic. It's old enough now that the hops are starting to fade. I really enjoyed the falconers flight. A good blend of dank and citrus/tropical
  11. J

    Tap Handle Inserts

    I use a bolt with the head cut off in a drill to install these. Drill your pilot hole just a bit larger than the diameter of the insert if the threads weren't there. Put the cut off bolt in your drill. Put a nut on the bolt to lock the insert against. Leave enough thread above the bolt to...
  12. J

    Price of 20lb CO2 tanks

    Tanks rarely fail testing. Most places will charge you for the test and then exchange the tank immediately. They're willing to take the loss on the small chance the tank fails. 50 is cheap for one 20lb tank. Get them and sell atleast one. No reason to have three.
  13. J

    Switched from droid to iPhone - need app advice

    BeerAlchemy. Especially if you're a Mac user as well. It's the only software I've ever used as beer smith wasn't on Mac back when I started. I downloaded the beer smith 2 trial and as soon as I opened it I knew that I'd be sticking with beerAlchemy. Much more intuitive and actually designed for...
  14. J

    Newbie to kegorator

    Perlick faucets are worth it. I have 4 of them. For filling growlers I use a piece of 3/16id 7/16od tubing. It fits snugly inside the faucet. I added a stainless 1/4inch tube on the end as well as a number 2 stopper for bottles and a number 6 stopper for growlers. Look at the sticky for...
  15. J

    Newbie to kegorator

    Faucets don't come in different sizes just different models. What exactly are you trying to figure out?
  16. J

    Last hop on earth!!!!!!

    Willamette. Good blend of fruit floral and spice
  17. J

    Mead IPA - to boil or not to boil half of the honey?

    Hops do need to be boiled in a sugar solution. You'll get grassy raw vegetable flavors if boiled in just water. That being said i would do a 15 minute boil if not shorter. You don't want the bitterness for the mead. Just the flavor and aroma. I'd probably actually just steep the hops for 15-20...