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    How does headspace oxidize wine?

    It's not the distance from the top to the surface of the wine that matters. It's how much wine is touching the air, and the oxygen in it. At the top, the surface of wine is really small, a few inches down, it's almost the entire size of the inside of the carboy.
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    Campden Tablet in Europe

    Campden is potassium metabisulfite, not sodium metabisulfite
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    Has my wine completed fermentation?

    Visual signs of fermentation are like a weather report...rarely correct, but generally almost right.
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    Campden tablets and potassium sorbate

    The K is the chemical symbol for potassium, so KMB = potsassium meta bisulfite. Sodium meta bisulfite would be NaMB.
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    Transfering Wine

    Worth every penny.
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    Top tips for new winemaker

    A fermenting bucket would be much better to start with. The carboy can be used for secondary and aging. Also, the biggest tip I can give you is to triple or even quadruple the times in the instructions. Everything else is good.
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    two small batches quit fermenting too soon

    Well, here's the problem...without a hydrometer, every answer will be a guess. You could have made 3 bottles and the money for the fourth could have bought you a hydrometer.
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    Forgot sulphide before bottling

    How did you get 16%. Most yeast will never get that high without a whole lot of work.
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    K Meta and hot water

    No, but it really affects you sinuses if you get a nice steamy whiff of it!
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    Cold crashing questions

    Why would you put it back in the fridge?
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    Cold crashing questions

    When you take the bottles out of the cooler, they will probably start fermenting, since your SG is 1.000
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    Cold crashing questions

    How long did your wine sit total from yeast to bottle? If it was less than 6 months, pour it back into the carboy and get it under airlock. Any air exposure to the surface of the wine is bad after about 3 or 4 weeks.
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    Waste not want not

    Yeast is a probiotic.
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    Waste not want not

    Might be live yeast still in the drink. If you become "regular" after drinking that concotion, you can almost guarantee that is what has happened.
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    Pinot Noir! Help set me up for success!

    That first Pinot kit is less than $100 at Southern Homebrew...
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    Asking for trouble

    You better get a blow off tube on that...pronto!
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    Way To Much Campden

    Most of it is just a dissolved gas, not all, a vacuum pump will pull the disdolved part out. The rest will come out eventually.
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    Way To Much Campden

    Vacuum pump?
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    Counteract metabisulfite and sorbate

    Call the manufacturer and explain what you did. They might help or might send you a new kit for a reduced price.