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    IPA recipe formulation

    Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot your suggestion. After reading your comment, I've read that NS is indeed a very overpowering hops. I'll definitely decrease it a bit and up mosaic, as you suggested.
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    IPA recipe formulation

    What about this new recipe formulation? 3.5 gallons batch OG: 1.070 IBU: 79.2 Mash @149F 8,5 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US 88.3 % 12.0 oz Wheat Malt, Ger 7.8 % 6.0 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L...
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    IPA recipe formulation

    Fruity hops with lighter malts seems like a logical statement, thinking about it. I didn't really like my amber with lots of citra and lots of caramel malts. However, is 8 oz of Munich malt that noticeable? I initially formulated my recipe that way because a lot of NHC IPA winning recipes had...
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    IPA recipe formulation

    :D You made me laugh there with that milshake comment. However, I'm not looking for a sweet IPA, but a relatively dry IPA with just enough residual sweetness to not have a bitter bomb. I want the hops to really shine and the malt bill should really just be supportive. I left the caramel malt...
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    IPA recipe formulation

    Edit : new recipe at post #9 Hi, I'm trying to formulate my first recipe ever. I'm looking to do a hop-forward IPA with lots of fruitiness using Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy and Mosaic alongside the Conan yeast. I think those hops fits really well together (after reading online), but I'm not too...
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    Questions on yeast

    They don't mention this in the instructions because you can still make a very good beer while under-pitching. Under-pitching is less than ideal, it can produce off-flavors and, especially with high-gravity beers, may sometime lead to under-attenuation. However, especially for ales, it still...
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    Process question - All Grain

    The most important thing for beer quality and repeatability is to have consistent efficiency. Having a higher efficiency doesn't mean higher beer quality, nor does it mean lower beer quality. However, you can save money (because you need less grain), move around less weight (which is nice with...
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    So who's brewing this weekend?

    Did my first AG today. Last time I brewed, I did a PM and got around 65% efficiency, so I figured I should have about the same efficiency. Nope. Last time I brewed, I had a boiloff of 1 gallon/hr, so I figured I should have about the same boiloff rate. Nope. I got a 75% efficiency and a 1.3...
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2014?

    +2.5 Weizenbock +3 Amber =30367.75
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    I think I am done with contests

    Judging should the less subjective possible. When I grade my student's work, I try to be as objective as possible and leave some comments so they can understand what mistake they made. I make my correction sheet as detailed as possible to leave no room for interpretation afterwards. It wouldn't...
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    Homebrew Taste

    I agree. What is the "homebrew taste"? Never had that in any of my homebrews, even with extract. I guess we would need a definition of this so we can all understand what the thread starter means.
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    allo from Quebec :)

    Yes, all of those bags and barrels are malted grains, hops and unhopped extracts (wheat and pale, I think). For such a small shop, he has a lot of choice, although you can always find a more varied selection online (especially on hops). Nothing wrong with going slowly. First, you started...
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    allo from Quebec :)

    Heh, funny thing, I was there yesterday at around 12:00. Nothing wrong with beginning with Cooper's to learn how to use your stuff, but you'll soon want to move to unhopped extract + steeping grain and such. Don't be afraid to ask! The guy at La Chope always has fresh extract.
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    All Grain...I'm Afraid..

    Yes, allgrain brewing might sound complicated, but it's not that much. Maybe you could start with the BIAB (brew-in-a-bag) method? It's the simplest method by far to do all-grain, and it's not a huge step from extract + steeping grain. Look around Youtube, some people there made videos about a...
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    allo from Quebec :)

    Hi! I'm from the Montreal area as well. You'll find HBT to be the most active, helpful, welcoming homebrewing forum you can find online. You will learn lots and lots of things here. As I see, you are just beginning to brew. I would advise you start by reading to...
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    LHBS did not carry the required hops

    So whirlpooling it is!
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    LHBS did not carry the required hops

    As a last question, would it be better do as Jaydub suggested and whirlpooling at the end instead of... well... doing nothing? Will it impact the aromas?
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    LHBS did not carry the required hops

    Thank you, LLBeanJ, Joe9216 and JayDub! It is very much appreciated! :mug:
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    LHBS did not carry the required hops

    Yeah, but my scale is in grams... Which is more precise (0.1 g = 0.003 oz).
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    LHBS did not carry the required hops

    No worries about measuring, I can borrow a scale with 0.1 g precision.