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    "Interesting"-fire marshall

    Hell yea! Put the lil Oompa Loompas to work! :rockin: my kids always help me on brew days lol
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    To repitch or not to repitch, that is the question

    Temperature plays a big role in yeast lag time. I don't have any personal experience with that particular yeast, but if you've heard it's a slow starter, it'll probably take off on its own. There's a sticky here that talks about fermentation taking up to 72 hours to kick off. Lots of good info...
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    botteling mishap

    There are stories all over this forum of people dropping unsanitized bottles, bbq lighters, hair brushes, phones, all kinds of stuff into their brew. And a lot of them, in a panic, reach in elbow deep to retrieve the item. And most turned out just fine. Also, with a fruit juice, I'd imagine the...
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    OG and Full Boil

    Is this an extract or AG recipe? If you have more than 5 gallons in the carboy it's going to thin out the wort some and you'll have a lower gravity reading. I think the average boil off rate is just under 1gal/hr. Meaning in 1 hour you will have about 1 gallon of water evaporate, which would've...
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    Watery again

    I vote give it a chance and see what it does on its own. Beer loves us and wants to make us happy.:D If after a couple couple weeks conditioning, it still seems "waterey", give it to those friends that ask "Yea, but can you brew a Bud?":rockin:
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    the frikkin sippers

    I'm dyin here!!! Bwahahahahaha!
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    In Wall Kegerator Project

    DOOD! You just became my favorite person on HBT ever! :tank:
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    new from Iowa

    Welcome to the addi... uh... I mean hobby!:ban: +1 on that! Starting with extracts gives you a great chance to really nail down the SUPER important parts of homebrewing. Sanitation is #1, also good to practice transfering from one vessel to another without contamination or oxidation. I...
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    wasted and work

    Are you a hair stylist in a predominantly homosexual salon?:confused:
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    wasted and work

    #@#$ @#$% %$#@ i'm an e-tard... see below....
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    60 min. instead of 90 min. ?!

    To Hector: I think what Yooper is saying here is that your process of placing the chocolate malt in your MLT, and going thru the motions of a typical mash, is giving you the same result as simply steeping the grains. I would reccomend grabbing an extra pound of chocolate malt, mash half as...
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    First brew down

    Congratulations, you've made beer! :ban: When most of us start out, patience is a hard thing to learn. It's rough staring at all that beautiful brew, knowing you should leave it alone for around two weeks... then bottle it knowing you should STILL leave it alone for ANOTHER couple weeks...
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    Got a short fridge, need a short blow off tube

    Nice work, Bronco1500. ^5
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    Foam of doom post.

    "Fear not thy foam!"- Beer gods of HBT I've seen several brewers that say the foam breaks down into yeast nutrient, here and in different articles and reviews; but in my extensive research (read: 3 mins on Google) I haven't found any science behind it. Just the anecdotal "They say..." I sure...
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    Rules for Posting!!!

    Grammar: The difference between knowing your sh*t and knowing you're sh*t.:D I hope you Grammar Nazis are kind to this Illiterate Jew.:drunk:
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    My beer is about to blow! What do i do?

    +1 on the blow off hose advice given so far. But looking at your pic, IMHO it looks like the worst is over. If I were you, I'd clean out the airlock, sanitze, and call it good. But if I were you, then you'd be me... and you'd be blowing krausen all over MY carpet:mad:... I can't stop you no...
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    ROTFLMAO!!! Threads like these are why I love this community! Congrats on such an active fermentation tho!!
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    Want feedback on my Over-The-Top Keezer 2.0 Design...

    Ok, removed my special helmet and re-read ur build and saw this: So that answers my original question:o But disconnecting 7 lines from the taps just to replace 1 keg sounds like a PITA to me... And you'd have to have a shut off valve on the tap side of the beer line to disconnect it from the...
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    Want feedback on my Over-The-Top Keezer 2.0 Design...

    That looks BEAUTIFUL!!! The only issue I would have with that particular design is in this pic: You'll have 7 beer lines running from the taps in your cabinet to the collar in your keezer. Pulling it out the ~3.5 ft to open the lid will pull a lot of hose out of the unit that I don't see how...
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    Enough being a ninja-brewer!

    I'd started off (as so many of us have) with Mr.Beer, and did a few of the recipes listed there. Once I bought my extract kit from a LHBS I brewed up a couple of their in-house extract kits. A buddy of mine was enjoying my brews and decided to order a kit for me to brew from AHS. Without talking...