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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    I thought someone had already done the whole sonoff brewpi
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    YABC-Yet a Brew Controller: BrewManiacEx

    The other thing is if your trying to drive a heating element you need to use a solid state relay.
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    The screen shot is of the binary file. you need to go to the main branch download all the files and edit: platform.ini Then compile all the files (with the software above)to create a new Binary! which you then upload to the wemos.
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    There really is no substitute for a thermowell on these systems.
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    Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!

    Darker green, maybe a red, purple
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    iSpindle - DIY Electronic Hydrometer

    Gnarly bits if your concerned could be sanded off carefully, then sanded with 800 wet n dry with brasso should bring the spot back to shiny smooth.
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    HOWTO - Make a BrewPi Fermentation Controller For Cheap

    This has been done but on a separate arduino, so an entirely different project all together. Unfortunately the forum the code is located on has just migrated software platforms and I'd rather wait to provide links when things are a little more stable and settled. Could the code be integrated...
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    Need help with a trash find

    Big ass braumeister/grainfather clone throw in a BrewmaniacEx controller a pump some elements and a malt pipe .... Job Done! Clean with caustic. (sodium hydroxide and be careful when you do)
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    Australian Sparkling Ale

    yep I'd drop 5 IBU off your bittering addition and move it late, also note Coopers yeasts is a little fruity, if you go the ale malt I'd also drop 1% off the crystal. BTW; I'm an Aussie and I mow my own lawns
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    [Version 2 Release] RaspberryPints - Digital Taplist Solution

    day_trippr, wouldn't a mega have do the job? far less re-coding.
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    That's awesome! I take it your issues are the spikes and bumps. It looks pretty good, even the Tilt users are showing similar variances. A chat with EmDubeu on his smooth techniques may prove useful.
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    well not really if you have a fermenter capable of pressure like these, or these. There are also kits for converting a standard sanke for fermenting. Then you just need
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Thats the point presure sensor and solenoid valve replace the spunding valve and controlled to within 1psi. And you can log it making it repeatable. Worst thing with pressure fermenting is finding a quality spunding valve.( commercial units are around $300). Electronically monitoring...
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Pressure fermenting is not for just at the end of fermentation. It is quite handy at the start of fermentation as it inhibits ester formation, this also allows for higher fermentation temps and therefore faster ferments if one so chooses. Say a lager from grain to brain in 7 days is not unheard...
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Still waiting parts for this (the slow boat from china probably sunk) any way I note your looking to add support for ispindel, was wondering how hard it would be to also add support for pressure sensing and control? I got some code for arduino to use these sensors but note @ 2.5bar (36.3 PSI)...
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    multi-floor tap system - doable?

    Commercial bars usually employ pneumatic pumps to maintain pressure over the rise, in metric 1 meter/10 kpa otherwise your over carbonating your beer, obviously you could use a nitrogen mixer so the nitrogen is pushing the beer, but that's a lot of mucking around and an ongoing cost. Hope this...
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    This the Ultimate Wort Chiller?

    If you still have a copper IC in the shed, why not just drop it in a bucket of ice water and pre chill your cooling water. If your recircing back to the kettle to a set temp, I'd drop the ice in after this. The chiller looks like a sweet bit of kit, and decent ground water temp would really...
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    Why is mash out needed when raising to boil will kill enzymes anyway?

    The other reason is way less complicated. As you would already know the higher the temperature the lower the gravity. (Honey at room temp won't pass through cloth at room temp; try the same thing at boiling temp). I think you get the gist.
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    Wireless Brewpi Via Wifi

    The only issue that may arise is which pins the esp uses at boot up, I suggest reading through both pocketmon and thorak's threads on wireless brewpi.
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    [email protected], no need of RPI and Arduino.

    Feature creep the enemy of all Dev.