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    Are You a Fan of Fuggle Hops?

    Yeah, fuggles for when I am feeling fuggly, which is anytime I want an English style, which is just about any time I want beer.
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    Ok.. Where are the New Years BREWCASTS!!

    Soperbrew is on right now. soperbrew, Ustream.TV: . Travel&Nature,Webcam
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    Happy New Year!!! Any Brewing on the 1st?

    Almost finished with the mash for my first AG pale ale. Not sure how the recipe will turn out because I suspect the LHBS mis-measured my grain bill. Oh well, it smells good-- I bet it will turn out yummy. :cool:
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    Drink More Mild!

    If you're adding any late, I would go with the Kent Goldings.
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    My 2nd All-Grain / Massive Efficiency Increase!

    Gravity and grain weight were spot on, as were my infusion volumes. I did not precisely measure my volume collected but I did the calculation assuming 6 gallons collected-- my boil kettle is not yet graduated. I just redid the calculation based on a 5.5 gallon collection which may well be...
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    My 2nd All-Grain / Massive Efficiency Increase!

    Last Sunday I finally had a chance to do a 2nd all-grain recipe and I was majorly surprised by the leap in efficiency I had! I did Jamil's Beamish-Style Dry Stout recipe from the September issue of Brew magazine and instead of 75% efficiency, which is what I got on my first attempt, I got...
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    sour beer ):

    When you racked to secondary, did you start the siphon with your mouth? If so, there could be lactic bacteria contamination. Generally though with that kind of infection you will see some kind of growth on the surface of the beer. The flavor will definitely change in 3 weeks. It might...
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    Yeast Temps???

    I have not used the White Labs Wit Yeast but I have used a couple of the other White Labs Belgians which recommended temps in the higher range. I did a wit with the WLP550 Belgian Ale Yeast with an optimum fermentation temperature of 68-78°F. Mine mostly stayed at 74° but I left the brew...
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    brewed a trippel today!

    Because I don't have adequate temp control yet I have been focusing on Belgians styles for the higher temp yeast tolerance. Good thing I like Belgians :) 1 1/2 weeks ago I did my first AG. I was trying for a Blonde but I came up just shy of the OG I needed (not enough boil off). I went...
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    Substituting Northern Brewer with Centennial...

    What is your hop addition schedule/recipe?
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    Reculturing and mixing bottle yeast

    7. Yeast #1: I think I'm in love! Yeast #2: Me too. Too bad we reproduce by budding. Yeast #1: Mmmmm, budding... Yeast #2: I know, right? :D I am actually using a Belgian blend (White Labs WLP 575) in my latest batch. I'll be curious to hear how yours turns out.
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    Flask - stove top

    I wouldn't put a flask directly on an electric element but since you have a glass-top, I don't see any issues.
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    Flask - stove top

    Even though that is not a lot of wort, keep in mind that you will likely double the number of yeast cells that are in the smack pack. Since many people use the pack without a starter, I suspect your results will be very satisfactory. If you are brewing a really big beer, you might want to...
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    8 months in secondary and lookin'...uh...

    I think that stuff on top might BE antibiotics...:drunk:
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    My Memorial Day Brew Day

    BTW - I like that sparge arm. I think it is a great design... ... for a 21A beer :D
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    1st AG - Belgian Blond!

    Was bubbling like crazy after only 4 hours. I did a blow-off tube for the first time ever, just because I thought I had better since I did a two-step starter. When I got up this a.m. it was about 60 seconds from overflowing the blow-off flask <whew>. Quaker Blond: 10 lbs. pale 2-row 1...
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    1st AG - Belgian Blond!

    Next batch for sure-- going to wally world! I was just griping because the sense of accomplishment had not quite sunk in like it has now. I was still in "what do I need to do next?" mode when I posted. I am totally psyched now that I have made it through my first mash with a fermenter full...
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    1st AG - Belgian Blond!

    I am so exhausted. All went pretty well. Did a batch sparge and got just shy of 75%. I am so psyched about the color-- I have never been able to get anything this color (pale straw-- about 4.5 SRM) with extract. The only issues I had were pretty much expected. Since I have an electric...
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    Question about decoction mashing

    That makes sense. Most of the time you get the temp warning about grains and tannins is towards the end of the sparge when the Ph is getting higher as the sugar is extracted. Guess that's why Palmer recommends getting a really stiff portion of the mash for the decoction. Thanks, I have been...