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    Any english folk help me out here!

    Well I bottled up my apfelwein today and it tastes absolutely awesome! I'd definitely use the juice again from tesco which I bought at 56p a litre (from concentrate). Obviously, I haven't tried not from concentrate but this stuff is great!
  2. apfelweinbottleduptoday


  3. Alwayscheckyourglassbeforepouringbeerintoit


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    Logo Thread

    Thanks for the critique Tripod! I'll have a look at those letters again, probably the black border around the white would look pretty good. I found it hard to make the writing stand out from that picture in any colour or font.
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    Logo Thread

    Came up with this: Planning on using the centre for the name of the drink.
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    Oxygenating wine?

    Can you have problems with oxygen when it comes to making wine? I've heard about keeping beer away from the stuff but not sure about wine. I want to rack some wine to another container to clear it up a bit but it's stopped fermenting. I'm afraid if I do this there won't be enough carbon...
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    Does my drill suck?

    I depends what drill you've got - the cheaper it is the quicker the battery will run out
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    Any english folk help me out here!

    My apfelwein has nearly finished. It will be about another week I guess. I made it using tesco own brand which is juice from concentrate. I really don't think it's going to make that much of a difference whether you use pure juice or from concentrate except price. I'll let you know how it...
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    Currant Wine Attempt

    I think there's a little mix up here... I mean currants as in shriveled up raisins not blackcurrants. However, I've also got blackcurrants growing in my garden so I may have to try them soon too! pulpfiction32 - Do you really think I should add more? I think 1kg is equivalent to about 2.2lbs...
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    Currant Wine Attempt

    I had some currants lying round in the cupboard and noticed they were about to go off so I decided to try on making a wine out of them (not black currants but the grape variety). I'm pretty new to all this so I'm just experimenting with things. Is there any ingredients I should be adding...
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    coffee wine?

    The recipe is quite simple - 15g instant coffee 1.25 kg sugar 15g citric acid 4.5 litres water 1 teaspoon ammonium phosphate I haven't actually tried it myself but I've been told its quite dry
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    Anybody know of a place selling the koji in the UK?
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    How many gallons of homebrew in 2009?

    22,986 + 5.5 apfelwein, 5.5 hambleton bard ale + 1 joes ancient orange mead = 22,998
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    Wine Making research

    the book I've got is called First Steps in Winemaking by C J J Berry. It's quite old now but nothing really changes anyway. You can get it on amazon
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    Peanut Butter & Jam Wine...

    Well I had this crazy idea of making a peanut butter and jam wine recently. I read up on older posts and it seems the number one problem is oil and I'd need powdered stuff. Now I know you can make wine from jam but I'm not sure about the peanut butter. What do you think of this mad idea...
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    Witches Brew

    confusing name because that's also the name for traditional spiced cider.
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    Any english folk help me out here!

    I just got mine at tesco the own brand is 56p a carton. Not too bad for 5 gallons As far as I can see it's just pure apple juice form concentrate
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    I've been reading up on this and it seems the komi koji is needed to convert the starch in the rice to sugar. By adding raisins to the mix, maybe you will just end up with a raisin wine flavoured with rice? Unless the sake yeast is enough to change the rice on its own
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    did you just stick dried rice in or did you soften it in a pan first?
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    sounds interesting I'd like to have a go at this