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    Beer chili recipe

    Thanks for the prompt response, your my hero!
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    Beer chili recipe

    I dont think anyone is still paying attention to this thread, but revvy I am going to make some of your chili for tailgating tomorrow. My only question is about abuelita mexican hot chocolate.... what the heck is it? and where do I find it!?!?! Thanks!!!
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    Any already read magazines for deployment?

    Oh I forgot, I was holding out on you. I've got three or for beer advocates layin around too, no ppressure just offering
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    Any already read magazines for deployment?

    Ive got some Motor Trend, Card and Driver, Cycle world, Rider (motorcycle), and a couple maxims layin around. You can have what you want if you'd be willing to pitch in on some shipping. oh and road and track
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    Bacon beer question

    I have been being HOUNDED by my friend to try to develop a bacon beer. And I have been trying to research this "holy grail" of delicious. Seems like the consensus is to just make a rauchbier. I want to go more authentic though, and have been trying to think of ways to do this. My thoughts...
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    Agave Wheat

    A little old here, but do you have the recipe you used for the Extract version? There is not much agave beer info around here!
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    High Gravity Chocolate Stout

    I recently made a Chili Chocolate Stout very similar to this recipes. Although I used Dark LME. I also used 6oz of unsweetened hersheys chocolate at 5 min. This was also a 4 gallon batch so I went heavy on the chocolate. When I racked to secondary I added 4 rehydrated ancho peppers and 2...
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    What's In Your Beer Fridge?

    Where do you get Deep Cover in IL!?!?!?! (oddly enough I'm from Huntley, so I'm right next door). That is my all time favorite beer and I can never find it around here!! Oh and I have: Victory Hop Devil Dogfishead 90 min Flying Dog Belgian IPA Rogue Chipotle Ale
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    Northern Brewer kit suggestions

    I love their BLACK IPA kit. Kind of unusual, first time I had ever heard of/tried a black IPA
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    Chili pepper chocolate stout

    From everything I have taken in, dry peppers should work. Also I talked to the brewer over at Tyranean, and they he showed me the chipotle's (dried) that they use. Although I didnt ask whether they boil or dry hop them.
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    Chili pepper chocolate stout

    Dont know if anybody still cares but I figured I would update you guys on my progress. I just racked to my secondary and added my peppers. I took 4 Ancho's and 2 serranos, cut them up, boiled in some water, and dumped everything in. Seeds and all. I'm a little worried that its going to be...
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    Chili pepper chocolate stout

    kind of diggin up this post. But I am about to transfer my chili pepper choc stout to my secondary, and have to pick my peppers. I want to use some Ancho's to get a nice flavor, and then Serranos for a little heat. Does anyone know if a dried pepper (ancho) will provide me with good flavor in...
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    Chili pepper chocolate stout

    I am planning on doing a mini batch chocolate stout, and adding some heat to it. Probably cayenne peppers. My question is how to go about this, should I steep with specialty grains, add powder to the boil, or drop a couple peppers into the primary? Also, how much should I use? I dont want...
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    First beer, first sample

    It was a kit with all the ingredients. Willamette hops for bittering, sterling for flavoring. Bavarian wheat LME, and others. If you really want me to list 'em all I can. It was a 55 minute boil, with steeped wheat, oats, and malt. It was fermented in a primary only, never racked to a...
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    First beer, first sample

    I recently bottled my first ever attempt at homebrewing. It was a Brewers Best witbier kit. I feel like everything went pretty well. The only thing I think that I did a little bit off was I didn't add quite enough water to my carboy before fermentation. I was short by about a 1/4 of a...
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    Another new guy with a dumb question

    I am pretty much all set. got everything I need, and am gonna make my first batch tomorrow. My 1 question is about cleaning/sanitization. A guy at the local store said I should clean it in like 3 stages to be sure. My kit came with "LD carlson Easy clean. No rinse cleaner" The box claims...
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    Choice of starter kit

    I'm doing lots of research, and when i get my equipment later this month im going to be ready to go (until something doesn't happen like the book says it does!) Right now im looking at the kits from Northern Brewer and Midwest. I was going to go with the one from northern, because there is one...
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    Hello from chicago

    Hello all!! I have yet to brew my first batch of beer, but I am researching like its my job. Well, it kind of is my job cause I dont have one at the moment. My big brother frequents this site, under which name I don't know. I just sat in on one of his batches last week, and am now about...