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    hop teas and boiling extract syrup

    below are the directions. They don't make any sense to me, i don't see the logic, but maybe i'm missing something. 5. prepare the hop tea. while the grain is steeping and the wort is being brought to a boil, collect two to three quarts of water in the hop tea pot and bring to a boil you should...
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    hop teas and boiling extract syrup

    I'm doing an extract kit from NB, it's the double ipa. the directions say to use a hop tea, just water and hopes for the bittering addition and an addition at the 30 minute mark. This is supposed to be boiling while the wort is boiling. so I have a few questions, namely why boil all that extract...
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    Underpitched Wyeast 1272 - How to determine cell count?

    it seems like using a slurry with only 10% viability wouldn't be worth it. is it generally ok to use a slurry in such a state, assuming you do the steps to rinse the yeast and grow them the proper rates?
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    Commercial brewing resources

    ah thanks, a good start for sure.
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    Commercial brewing resources

    hey folks, not sure where the best place to ask this is but I'm assuming it can be moved if needed. I'm looking for any resources that might pertain to the economics of running a microbrewery. Everything from sourcing ingredients to the mechanical setup and maintenance of equipment, hygiene...
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    bulk grain/hops

    thanks for the responses (and noticing that i'm in canada). Niko may be hearing from me. my homebrew store if offering me 25 kilos english 2-row at $80....can. 2-row at $ this a fair price? things are a bit different for me being on an island.
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    bulk grain/hops

    hi all...i'm wondering what the best way to order bulk grains and hops would be. thank you for any help.
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    Traditional Nordic Style Beer

    perhaps the reason your looking for is that potatoes were domesticated in the "new" world? not reaching european mainland until the 16th century, not even gaining prominence in england or spain or holland (let alone in scandinavia) until the 18th.
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    Tea recipes?

    green tea is bland?? blasphemer! a word of advice for tea: always use the loose leaves. you always want the best ingredients possible don't you? tea bags are a waste... also, perhaps i could offer the distinction between "tea" and a "tisane". tea needs tea leaves to be called tea...
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    What do you do for your second job?

    wow, no social scientists? i'm a soon to be grad student in social anthropology.
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    Wheat grey (sorta) i'm wondering why my 100% wheat malt beer converted pretty well and fermented to a very beer-like completion...very tasty even. you may be right though in that my efficiency suffered, i don't have any numbers in front of me. but believe me, a 100% wheat malt grain bill is...
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    Home Malting and Kilning

    this is my you live near a good university library? you might be able to dig into the archives there for historical records or folklore or anthropology papers. what about building a brick oven outside? could make pizzas and bread after you kiln a hundred pounds of grain. i did...
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    Help no rice hulls!

    what about juniper branches...or spruce...or just lots clean twigs... the only purpose is aid lautering, so why does it always need to be rice hulls?
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    Malt price jump

    don't come to newfoundland if $10 has you bummed out.
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    Grolsch = skunky or not?

    drinking grolsch in holland makes a world of difference...having lived there for a few years i can definately say that it is not bmc...not amazing, but not bmc...skunked or not, drinking imported beer never seems to be as good as drinking in situ (meaning its birthplace). you can't really...
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    Brewpastors Altar seen in this months Zymurgy Magazine

    nice quickdraw on the trash can...
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    souring agents

    so i've had this question nagging at me for weeks and i have to ask... if i were to use a sourdough starter i have to sour a beer, would i be wasting my time? i know there's a real farmhouse of bugs in my sourdough starter so i was wondering if that could be a source of favourable...
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    Need Ideas for Hopless Beer

    i just brewed this a few weeks ago...i was interested in a nearly 100%wheat malt grain bill and no hops...the result...interesting...but here's the recipe anyways (although its from memory so i'll have to double check this later) 2lbs can. r-row 6 lbs wheat malt 1lb flaked wheat 1lb...
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    Fermcap Foam Controller - finished beer head retention

    what exactly is this stuff, if you don't mind me asking...?
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    i'm thinking i'll try an all wheat soon...battle it out with the sparge. the hops are another matter...any suggestion? especially if its not "traditional" i'm wondering what would go well...vienna and munich sounds awesome too... another question...if i took a quantity of...say flaked rye...