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  1. rickfrothingham

    Strange taste in the last few beers

    Whenever I keg a new beer I wash out the keg with cleaner, then hook it up and run it through the lines under pressure. Then I rinse with water, then run a gallon of starsan through it. Is there something else I should be doing?
  2. rickfrothingham

    Strange taste in the last few beers

    Hoping someone can help me out here... I know troubleshooting is hard without getting to try the beer firsthand, but I've passed it around a few homebrewers in my area and no one can identify quite what's going on. I'm putting it here in the bottling/kegging section because the flavor didn't...
  3. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    To both of you; @Knowitman - the first thing everyone says when they see it is, "Wow, that looks like what Maker's Mark does!" I haven't done a side by side comparison, but it definitely resembles it closely. From my earlier post - I used 12 standard crayola crayons and 20 of the...
  4. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    That's a great idea! I'm envisioning something like these results on google image search Anyone know where to buy something like these tags? Ideally I'm looking for some dark ones...
  5. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    So, as an update - I cracked one of them open the other day and it was pretty hard to get the wax off. I would highly suggest using dental floss under the seal to facilitate this process; I had to use a knife to go around a couple times. I don't mind doing this myself, but for the ones I'm...
  6. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    Since people asked; I started a recipe thread :) Also, here's the result of the technique described in this thread, using 12 "Scarlet" crayons and 20 glue sticks.
  7. rickfrothingham

    Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Pecan Pie Barleywine

    At the request of a related thread on wax sealing technique, here is my recipe for a Pecan-infused Barleywine. The inspiration was to create an American Barleywine with a uniquely southern character, meant for contemplative enjoyment between Thanksgiving and New Years. I incorporated two...
  8. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    Very tasty winter sipping beer! It got 2nd place in Category 21-A last weekend in a competition here in Philadelphia. PM me for the recipe if you like, I don't want to get off topic on this thread.
  9. rickfrothingham

    Hot Glue bottle wax experiment

    I tried out this method today and it worked great! I'm a little concerned with how well stuck on the bottles were... we'll see how it goes when they're all solidified. I used 12 crayons (from my 64-crayon custom box i ordered through the online build-a-box tool - 32 red, 16 blue, 16 brown for...
  10. rickfrothingham

    The APA lineup

    Couldn't agree more about Half Acre - it's truly spectacular! I had a pint at Delilah's a few months ago when i was in Chicago and the biggest thing that hit me was the incredible aroma! I'm sure the weight of hops is that of an IPA, just all put in the last 15 minutes and dry hopping. I'm...
  11. rickfrothingham

    Transporting Beer on Airplane

    I check beer all the time, mainly because I usually bring some home when I visit my parents. I've gotten mixed results - if you pack it in a normal bag they won't ask questions, but technically you are supposed to tell them if you're bringing liquid in glass. This becomes an issue other times...
  12. rickfrothingham

    "American" or "Imperial" Oatmeal Stout Recipe: Critiques please!

    That recipe looks delicious to me... I just did an oatmeal stout a few days ago that was really similar to yours but 'smaller'... OG of 1.065 because i want to be able to knock back a few. I'm adding I have used cinnamon in oatmeal chocolate stouts, and it works really well but can be...
  13. rickfrothingham

    "Imperial" American Amber Ale Critique

    Thanks for looping back on this one! I'm thinking about brewing an American Amber recipe thats mostly based off of this one, but probably just less crystal 40 and mashing around 151 or 152... i like my beers dry.
  14. rickfrothingham

    Abita Jockamo

    Jackamo is great for what it is, but it's definitely not similar to the standard American IPA/West Coast IPA that you're used to. Whereas most american IPA's are dominated by citrus/floral hop characteristic (think DFH 60-minute, Bell's 2 Hearted, Stone IPA), the Jackamo IPA is packed full of...
  15. rickfrothingham

    Growing Hops

    i started growing hops last year - just a plant of cascades, since i only had room for one pot. I get a rough approximation by doing the method mentioned in a 1997 Zymurgy issue Quoted: Make up two hop tea samples - one from your unknown alpha homegrown hops, and the second from...
  16. rickfrothingham

    Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

    I think its going to be a bit of a problem actually; once you steep grains at 170+ F, or for longer than half an hour or so, they start to release a lot of the tannic/astringent flavors from the grain hulls. If you boiled it for an hour after steeping, then yeah you're gonna get a lot of that...
  17. rickfrothingham

    dumb question

    i made a heavily caffeinated IPA recently that turned out awesome. here's the thread from it, if you're interested
  18. rickfrothingham

    rescuing non-carbing cider

    Be careful with the Champagne yeast idea though, you could over carb it depending on what your gravity is at right now. Champagne yeast will take your cider down to about as low of a finishing gravity as you can get, more than many other yeasts, so whether you should add it now depends on what...
  19. rickfrothingham

    Caffeinated HomeBrew

    Sure thing Chris! I feel like this is a (mostly) untapped idea in the HB community... just trying to spread the word on unique spin you can put on your beer.
  20. rickfrothingham

    Caffeinated HomeBrew

    Thanks for all the tips guys! I cracked open the first bottles of this over the weekend - it worked like a charm! We all had a great night without having to slog through any cans of JOOSE or knock back jaagerbombs. The recipe I used for the IPA was a real hop bomb (It really split the...