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  1. Docapi

    Bad Venison??

    Marbling or fat content have nothing to do with it. Aging is a controlled process where bacteria are allowed to start breaking down the fibers of the meat. Letting the deer hang for 6 to 10 days (depending on temperature) results in more tender, flavorful venison.
  2. Docapi

    Cars that failed due to poor aesthetics.

    I had one of those! 55mpg and freaking indestructible.
  3. Docapi

    5 litre keg

    A CO2 bike pump with a schroeder valve would be pretty inexpensive. bike pumps For what you are talking about, a CO2 tank, regulator, etc would be overkill.
  4. Docapi

    Harebrained Bourbon Cider Scheme?

    It could be done, I guess. I don't really see the point, though. You'd have to get the alcohol % pretty high to kill the yeast- in the 15 or 20% range. For a 5 gallon batch, that is a heck of a lot of bourbon. Seems to me it would be easier, and whole lot cheaper to make a sweet...
  5. Docapi

    You know what I hate?

    A packer fan, a Viking Fan, and a Bears fan were in the bathroom standing at the urinals. The Bear Fan finished and walked over to the sink to wash his hands. He then proceeded to dry his hands very carefully. He used paper towel after paper towel and ensured that every single spot of water on...
  6. Docapi

    You know what I hate?

    Hey, you were the one saying"remember why we have it in the first place"- I was just pointing out that it WASN'T to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and it WAS all bout celebrating a holoiday that is NOT christian in the first place- thus your implication that non-christian people shouldn't be...
  7. Docapi

    You know what I hate?

    Because the church wanted to placate the pagans that they were recruiting by continuing one of their holodays, so they took the pagan ceremony that took place at that time of year and re-made it into chistmas? Do a little research once- see WHY it is that we put up a tree ever year. The...
  8. Docapi

    5 litre keg

    I guess I don't understand. If you are going to put on the Shroeder valves, why take a chance? Put on the schroeder valves and charge with CO2. Seems obvious to me.
  9. Docapi

    ****ing Walmart Shoppers

    They wear baggy pants because they're poor? Are baggy pants cheaper? Strangely enough, where I work, the inmates don't pay for their pants, not matter what size they wear. The gang banger *****ebags still go for the baggy ones- even though it isn't allowed.
  10. Docapi

    This is golden - a REAL Dutch Oven

    Yeah, I dunno what I'd call that thing, but a dutch oven it ain't. This is a dutch oven:
  11. Docapi

    Coopers Pilsner, skunk?

    I have one going right now that has been fermenting at 18c for three weeks and is still not finished. That is after 10 days at 11c when it did absolutely nothing. A long, long ways from the 6 days the directions call for. 11c is normal lager fermenting temperature, and mine wouldn't...
  12. Docapi

    Why does Midwest charge so much for shipping?

    Every order I have made, Midwest was cheaper- even after shipping. Some places offer cheap or free shipping, and raise their prices to compensate. Other places charge actual shipping and keep their prices low. It's all a numbers game. The only way to know who is cheaper is to figure...
  13. Docapi

    ****ing Walmart Shoppers

    Some pictures of the Wal-mart in question. Taken DURING the incident: At the risk of looking like a racist asshat- I can't help but notice how... um, ... "monocromatic" those pictures are.
  14. Docapi

    Coopers Pilsner, skunk?

    Yup, even though the directions claim to use a "lager" yeast, it won't ferment at proper lager temperatures.
  15. Docapi

    To Wii or not to Wii, that is the question

    Comparing a Wii to a PS3 is really apples and oranges. The graphisc, processing power, etc on the PS3 will blow away the Wii. The Wii simply isn't that advanced of a system when it comes to the actual technical aspects. Hardcore gamers will much prefer the PS3. The Wii, on the other hand...
  16. Docapi

    Coopers Pilsner, skunk?

    QFT The directions say to leave it in the primary for 6 days at 70 degrees- longer if it is cooler.
  17. Docapi

    Talk Show Host Jailed Over Couch

    I'd be curious to read a less biased account of what happened. The article sited is pretty blatant.
  18. Docapi

    Hydrometer way off- or is it me?

    Um, it WAS a kit, after all. I pitched the yeast that came in the kit, in the manner that the kit says to do it. I think, like I said earlier, that the problem is in my assuming that their "lager" yeast was just that- so I fermented at 50 degrees. After reading the directions more...
  19. Docapi

    Hydrometer way off- or is it me?

    I think you might be on to something. In the directions, when it comes to fermentation temps, it says to check the special directions- which talks about having to ferment at lower temps than a regular yeast because it is a lager yeast. It then gives temps- in Celcius. I never...
  20. Docapi

    Rare sighting?

    Too pricey for me- I'd kill for some of those bottles, though!