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  1. pnh2atl

    DIY Walk In Cooler Build

    Hey I just build a 100 sqft walk in. I'm have trouble with the AC coils freezing. I'm stuck using my phone to look through this thread so finding a post about it is a pain in the neck so I figured I'd just post here. Any solutions out there?
  2. pnh2atl

    Nanobrewery Check out Title 3. I think the guys at Burnt Hickory are a nano. In GA a brewery is a brewery. The only exception is for brewpubs. We brew on the north side near Canton the 3rd Friday of every month. We normally have 5-7 styles on tap. If your...
  3. pnh2atl

    Ministry and beer

    I along with two other guys that are members of the same church are opening a brewpub on the north side of Atlanta. We named it Reformation Brewery in part because we are reformed and in part because we are reformed theology geeks. But mostly because would like to reform how alcohol is viewed...
  4. pnh2atl

    I scored, pictures

    Then you can ferment cerveza in there!
  5. pnh2atl

    What's your profession?

    Pilot (777)
  6. pnh2atl

    RIMS for Dummies

    OK I'm going to help solidify the thread title by asking a dumb question. There is no thermocouple on the MLT in the diagram from the first page. So what triggers the pump and the element? I know this is a remedial question but I tried to figure it out to save face but hey that is what screen...
  7. pnh2atl

    wood for mash paddle

  8. pnh2atl

    Using milk to stick on labels?

    First let me say I did not look at every reply in this thread. With that said I've just finished labeling my Christmas Ales for the 3rd year. This year I think I may have perfected it. I photocopy the labels at the local office supply store for $.49 per page on paper just shy of card stock...
  9. pnh2atl

    Christmas Beer Lables 2011

    Here is my 2011 Christmas label.
  10. pnh2atl

    Pics of Yeast under my new microscope

    The Brewing Science Institute out in Colorado Springs has a "Basic Brewing Microbiology Workshop" every year. I took it last year and it was well worth the time and effort. Here is the link if you might be interested. BSI - providing microbrewers with fresh ale and lager yeast, laboratory...
  11. pnh2atl

    Greetings from Chiba Japan!

    Hello Yoshiie, I get to Narita with work every month or two. We stay at the Radisson west of the airport. In fact I'll be there for New Years eve this year. Cheers!
  12. pnh2atl

    Hello from Kennesaw, GA

    I live up in Ball Ground. Once a month we have a bunch of people over and brew. We should have 20-30 people this Friday if you are interested. Check out our FB page or PM me. - Nick
  13. pnh2atl

    Anyone in North Georgia?

    I'm in Ball Ground. We are brewing this Friday. We normally have 20-50 folks over if you are interested. We will brew a Munich Dunkel and we should have a stout, pale ale, IPA and a spiced stout all on tap. We are on Facebook as Reformation Brewery. There are directions and info there or...
  14. pnh2atl

    Smallest Brewpub

    IH8UM, Was it worth the $2500? We are starting a brewpub too. We have lots of room. 3500 sqft on the main lever and the same in a daylight basement. I've considered going out to CO for the class but I'm just really cheap. But I will admit that being cheap can be expensive. Thanks
  15. pnh2atl

    First Soda Attempt - Advice

    I'm going to take a whack at making root beer and orange soda for my kids end of the school year party. I have two little bottles of extract that make 4 gallons each. I plan on force carbonating it in a corney keg and serving it out of my mobile keggerator at the party. Any advice? Do you...
  16. pnh2atl

    ESB Not Carbonating

    I think the film theory has merit. I once had 3 kegs lagering and I hooked them up to gas. One was way less carbonated then the rest and I speculated it was due to some ice that had formed in the keg limiting the surface area of the beer and CO2. I'll go give it a shake and see what happens.
  17. pnh2atl

    ESB Not Carbonating

    The temp is in the high 30s. O get zero foam. There is no CO2 coming out of solution at all. There is no carbonation in the mouth feel either. It is flat, san gas. It seems like a physical impossibility but non the less there is nothing happening.
  18. pnh2atl

    ESB Not Carbonating

    I have had 5 gallons of an ESB on gas for two weeks. No carbonation. 12psi on the regulator and I vent the keg every now and then just to make sure there is pressure on it (and there is). It is in the kegerator, cold but just won't carb. The brew went fine and it tastes good, just flat. Any...
  19. pnh2atl

    Wyeast American Ale II and Northwest Ale

    Well I'm about to brew an APA today. I'm going to split the batch between 1272 and Notti. We have always used Notti for this recipe but I thought it might be worth giving a different yeast a try. I just smacked the pack so I need to get going. I;m going to do a hoppy brown on Friday and I'm...
  20. pnh2atl

    Wyeast American Ale II and Northwest Ale

    What temp did you ferment it? Why do you prefer the 05 vs the Notti. We have been using Notti and it is great but I can't seem to leave well enough alone.