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  1. Ridge Runner

    Music Match

    Room Full of Mirrors - Jimi Hendrix
  2. Ridge Runner

    Mite Control Practices. What works for you?

    Pedatory mites are very effective on the hop plant's cousin.;)
  3. Ridge Runner

    Listen to your body

    Right now my body wants a cigarette but I ain't listening.;)
  4. Ridge Runner

    Carboys from Crystal Springs for $13.99 Delivered

    Depends on the bottle some work fine.
  5. Ridge Runner

    So who's brewing this weekend?

    It's been a while, so time to brew the Lightnin' Glory IPA. Yummmyy.:rockin:
  6. Ridge Runner

    Music Match

    I Saw Her Standing There-The Beatles
  7. Ridge Runner

    Friday Night Flights @ Party Town Florence, KY

    "Hello. This Friday from 6-7pm we will be opening a selection of Belgian and Belgian style beers from Duvel America. We will be joined by Dirty David Andes of said company. It will be something different and groovy as it this will be our first venture into Europe with our Flights. We want you to...
  8. Ridge Runner

    Did anyone notice it's Schlenkerla's birthday?

    Happy Birthday!!!!:mug:
  9. Ridge Runner

    Music Match

    Reign in Blood-Slayer
  10. Ridge Runner

    Fess up. Who's a new thread whore? Post your ratio.

    31/317 9.7% Gotta run!!! Here comes my pimp:p
  11. Ridge Runner

    Remember This Horrible Song

    Yes, occasionally this song bubbles to the surface of my mind and all I can do is HMMM HMMM all damn day. Much to the dismay of my wife:)
  12. Ridge Runner

    dry hopping more than 14 days

    Yeah me too. I regularly dry-hop my IPA for 2 weeks and I've never detected grassy flavors. Don't worry. It'll probably be fine.
  13. Ridge Runner

    where to go in Chicago!!

    Thank you Gentlemen. Both places look very promising.:mug:
  14. Ridge Runner

    where to go in Chicago!!

    I'll be around O'hare on May 5th. My 3 day excursion has been whittled to about 36 hours so I've only got a small window to find a good place to have lunch around the airport. I'll also be driving back through IN so Three Floyds is definitely in the running for the return trip. Anyplace good...
  15. Ridge Runner

    Jaws Backwards

    If you watch war movies backwards everyone is resurected and all the soldiers are having parties.
  16. Ridge Runner

    I'm looking for a table or graph

    There's one in the back of Beer Captured by Tess and Mark Szamatulski. Did you check the BJCP site?
  17. Ridge Runner

    Year Round Brewing Schedule

    No problem. Glad I could help.:mug: