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  1. ajwillys

    ice-melt cable wrapped around a mash tun?

    I'm bringing this thread back from the dead! First a little background. I moved, got a new job, and had a bunch of other excuses I won't bore you with. Since the last reply, I've brewed four times. SAD! Anyway, I've brewed them all with my externally-wrapped ice melt cable MLT. It's an upside...
  2. ajwillys

    220 question

    Square D QO is the devil! That's the problem :D Seriously though, I think the reason some GFCI breakers are so expensive is because the QO standard is SOOOO small. It's difficult to pack that much stuff into such a small breaker. That's why spa panels are often cheaper, the breaker is not...
  3. ajwillys

    im very sorry. i dont brew sours

    I feel like craft brewing and homebrewing are very much in an exploratory phase. We liked malty, then imperial, then we went hoppy, and started mixing styles in crazy ways. Sours are an iteration. I personally like sours (most of them) but there were other trends along the way that I didn't...
  4. ajwillys

    Barley Wine Fermentation

    Nope, sounds like you are right and its done. Since you're bottling, I agree with the others, just go ahead and bottle it. After about the second month, you could go ahead and start testing them, a bottle a month or so. Depending on recipe, gravity, etc... some barleywine's seem to hit there...
  5. ajwillys

    What are these Sankey couplers worth

    $27 new. I'd probably say $10-15 each personally.
  6. ajwillys

    Barley Wine Fermentation

    How sure are you that its done fermenting? If you're going to store it for an extended period in bottles you want to be SURE its done fermenting. I'd either rack or bottle but definitely don't leave it on hops for a long time. I personally rack my barleywine's with a co2 push so I'm not worried...
  7. ajwillys

    Safale US-05's alcohol tolerance?

    Still bubbling like crazy after 3 weeks? Did you underpitch? Is your temperature consistent? Are you sure its not just degassing? That's a REALLY long time to be "bubbling like crazy".
  8. ajwillys

    The upgrade version of STC-1000: Fahrenheit Display, More Easy Setting

    Ah, ok. I was trying to be technical because it was mentioned in reference to ink-bird potentially adding it as a feature.
  9. ajwillys

    The upgrade version of STC-1000: Fahrenheit Display, More Easy Setting

    I'm not an electric brewer so I could be wrong but I don't think this is quite accurate. I believe that 50% would mean that it would operate at 100% power 50% of the time (and the other 50% would be off). It cycles on and off at a rapid rate so the effect for simple heaters (water heater...
  10. ajwillys

    Mixing Rye and Wheat

    Roggenbier is 50% barley and roughly equal parts rye/wheat for the rest. If you go with all rye and wheat, make sure you have plenty of rice hulls!
  11. ajwillys

    Suggested Refractometer

    Honestly, I think the optical one's are all the same regardless of the "brand" that's stamped on them. As for when to use them, any time pre-fermentation with a clean (solids free) sample. Personally, I grabbed this one for 50% off about 6 months ago...
  12. ajwillys

    ice-melt cable wrapped around a mash tun?

    No sir. I generally don't brew much under 45 or so. I have brewed once in the 20's but it was not something I'm dying to do again.
  13. ajwillys

    ice-melt cable wrapped around a mash tun?

    Just happened to find this post as I was planning on doing the exact same thing. I'm creating a new mash tun from a 15 gallon keg with a bottom dump (using the sanke coupler) and 15" false bottom. I'm currently using a 10 gallon round cooler with copper manifold but want to do higher gravity 10...
  14. ajwillys

    10 gallons

    What size is your mash tun? A 10 gallon tun will allow 10 gallon batches, but only for average gravity (for me about 1.060 is the max) beers. Anything with an imperial attached to it likely won't fit without getting creative.
  15. ajwillys

    Barleywine questions

    Yes, it definitely is a thing. The rule I go by is that I sparge until the runnings coming out are at 1.015 gravity. Often times with BW, I get way more wort than I want before I get to this level. I also agree with the poster about two mashes. I've done it and it works fine. Just go ahead...
  16. ajwillys

    Barleywine questions

    When considering your recipe and how to get the efficiency you desire, consider a longer than normal boil. On my barleywine's, I just plan on sparging until my runnings are around 1.015. The shortest boil I've ever done in a BW was 2.5 hours. The longest was just shy of 4. I'm a big fan of epic...
  17. ajwillys

    Barleywine questions

    It was a 9.25 gallon batch: 4.00 oz Nugget [13.00 %] - Boil 90.0 min Hop 8 78.7 IBUs 1.50 oz Centennial [10.00 %] - Boil 25.0 min Hop 9 13.4 IBUs 1.50 oz Cascade [5.50 %] - Boil 0.0 min Hop 11 0.0 IBUs 1.50 oz Centennial [10.00 %] - Boil 0.0 min Also, since I dug up the recipe... OG...
  18. ajwillys

    Barleywine questions

    I've brewed serveral Barleywine's and have just finished the last few bottles of one that was 4 years old. Four years is a long time and it definitely started to degrade by then. That barleywine was 11.5% and had a fair amount of residual (FG was around 1.026 I think). It was a hop monster (over...
  19. ajwillys

    Berliner Weiss, many ways

    I did just a sour wort as well in a 5 gallon keg. Basically filled it to the brim, no headspace needed. After souring, I added about 3/4 gallon of (pre-boiled, etc..) water to dilute (plan for this in advance) and then boiled for 30 minutes with hops.