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  1. c0bra

    Adjuncts, starches, and sour beer.

    So did we reach any idea on the best practice for what percent of the total grist the steeped unmalted adjuncts can be? I've seen some pretty wildly varying amounts.
  2. c0bra

    2 tier, 2 zone fermentation chamber build (AKA Racer X)

    Love this build. I hope to attempt it soon. I noticed that someone asked for dimensions at one point but I never found a reply. Were they posted and I missed them? It would be some helpful guidance for those of us with less DIY-ability.
  3. c0bra

    HomeBrewTalk 2014 Big Giveaway

    Renewed and in :)
  4. c0bra

    A Brewing Water Chemistry Primer

    I tried searching this thread but didn't find it. Are there weights (in grams, etc) listed for these additions so people making batches <5 gallons can make similar adjustments? I don't know what a teaspoon of CaCl would weigh vs a teaspoon of gypsum.
  5. c0bra

    Boulevard Chocolate Ale Recipe

    Figuring out the pounds per gallon on the nibs... This article: says that Boulevard made 2,800 6th barrel kegs, that's 467 barrels. They also made 9200 cases at 12 bottles per case, 750 ml per bottle = 82800000 ml =...
  6. c0bra

    Boulevard Chocolate Ale Recipe

    If you're shooting for a straight clone of the 2014 version, then I would personally make some adjustments. Did you just want to add some vanilla flavor/aroma, or did you detect some? To me the beer seems like a very clean almost barleywine but with very little hop character and almost no malt...
  7. c0bra

    2 Zone Fermentation Chamber Build

    Thanks so much for the sketchup! That's basically where I'm at. I made a simple glued-up pink 2" closed-cell foam chamber with a hand-sawn and glued plywood platform with areas for the ice jugs underneath and the whole computer fan and light bulbs on a two-stage RANCO. Problem is that I do...
  8. c0bra

    2 Zone Fermentation Chamber Build

    Would you be willing to put your sketchup plan online somewhere?
  9. c0bra

    Automatically bypass brewing website age-gates

    I haven't posted in this forum section before, so apologies if it's the wrong spot. If you're like me, you go to brewing company websites now and again, and invariably you have to either type in your date of birth or jump through some other verification hoop to get to the part you want. I got...
  10. c0bra

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Thanks Jeremy for making this possible! It is much appreciated.
  11. c0bra

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Awesome! Thanks so much.
  12. c0bra

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Email sent!
  13. c0bra

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Any updates on this? My friends and I are in for 11 sacks. How many do we have and how many are we short?
  14. c0bra

    KC Metro Area Group Buy#1

    Crap I hope I didn't miss this! I would be interested in roughly 4-5 bags. Is this through Midwest Malt Supply? If so, do you have a place for them to deliver to, or will someone have to pickup in Fenton, MO?
  15. c0bra

    Grain Bill question

    When you say increase do you mean "multiply"? Did you use 3 lbs of grain in your 1 gallon batch? That would be you at an OG of 1.081 with 100% 2-row, and 3 x 5 = 15...
  16. c0bra

    Ever have a credit card number stolen???

    My charge was also to reg-repair dot com.
  17. c0bra

    Ever have a credit card number stolen???

    Count me in. $80 fraudulent charge just went through today.
  18. c0bra

    British Strong Ale 11-11-11 Gun Stock Ale (Old Ale) *Official Recipe*

    Brewed 5 gallons of this on Saturday. Couldn't find treacle locally so I went with organic unsulfered molasses, and swapped the Target out for equal IBUs of Horizon and Magnum (because it's what I had on hand). Currently has a really nice krausen on it. Can't wait to see what it's like in a year!