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  1. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Being that this is made for the novice brewer, don't you think this should be included in the non-existent instructions? Part of his grain wasn't even wet and only had a SG of 1.051 instead of 1.062. All I see are people shilling for this product and all of the results are, "well it's not as...
  2. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Don Osborn Just did a review of a Picobrew.
  3. NervousDad

    PicoPaks - REUSABLE?

    It's my goal to reverse engineer this thing. 25+ for 1.5 gallons of beer is just insane.
  4. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Not sure but I’m thinking about tearing the guts out and just use some standard type controller. Only need to control a few items. Should be fairly easy. I’m going to brew the two “free” paks first.
  5. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    No doubt neat little machine.
  6. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    :o Yeah I thought it looked like a small brew station didn't realize it was just for Pico Paks and price of the paks is just outrageous. That was my dumb fault I just ordered without really reading.. It was so cheap.. After my 2 trial paks are done this will most likely serve as a sou vide...
  7. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    I can’t believe that I wasted my money on this. That will teach me to honor kickstarter after a few beers.
  8. NervousDad

    PicoBrew Pico users

    Soo.... my Pico is finally on its way. Is there anyway to make your own packs, without going through the site? Is there a universal tray maybe 3d printed and just attach an RFID to it with the mash temp that you'd like. I kinda bought this on a whim..
  9. NervousDad


    I bought some just so just for the memories... It was terrible.
  10. NervousDad

    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    The conical is 5psi the buckets aren't rated.
  11. NervousDad

    They are my local shop. They are awesome.
  12. NervousDad

    LHBS Manager Here...What Do You Want From The LHBS?

    My LHBS shop is label peelers, which is about 5 minutes from LD Carlson. I couldn't ask for a better store :)
  13. NervousDad

    Pale Ale V IPA

    Commercial Pale Ales have definitely crossed in to the IPA territory. Traditionally a Pale Ale should have a bit more malt character, medium/high hop aroma/flavor, lower alcohol and lower bitterness.
  14. NervousDad

    Bru Gear

    I don't think they ever responded to any of my sales questions. Just simple stuff about specs, version etc..
  15. NervousDad

    Brew Bucket by SS Brewing Technologies

    I use this same setup. I wish they would offer this as an upgrade. .
  16. NervousDad

    Northern Brewer

    I used the can wait option on my order last week and it took 13 days to get to me. First off $7.99 is NOT that cheap of a deal for shipping. Most sites offer free shipping for orders of X dollars. If I order from Morebeer or AIH I get my items in one day. I'm done with Norther brewer...
  17. NervousDad

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Man I hate those ribbons!! :) I stopped entering competitions that give them instead of medals.
  18. NervousDad

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Got my score sheet and medal. I'm surprised that the medal isn't more "substantial". One of my cheapest feeling medals. My feedback on all of my beer was pretty good and inline with what I judge it too be. My Amber ale was dinged for being too hoppy. And my IIPA was too much alcohol not enough...
  19. NervousDad

    The 2016 NHC - Results/Speculation Thread

    Yep I got a UPS notification that they will deliver on Friday.