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  1. Papinquack

    What kind of handgun to get?

    I just bought my first and last Kahr back in June. It was the P380 and was trouble from the first shot. I put the required 200 rounds + through it and sent it back to Kahr. Premature slide lock backs, Slide not locking back after the last shot fired, failures to feed, light primer strikes...
  2. Papinquack

    What kind of handgun to get?

    I know your just kidding but it brings to mind why the criminal element tend to gravitate towards Glock. They are really that great. They will eat any ammo you put in them they will not snag on your clothes due to the close spec's, and they dont have a safety to forget about or fumble with when...
  3. Papinquack

    What kind of handgun to get?

    If your in the market for a 9mm, might I suggest a Glock 26? It's a really great gun. If you have your license to carry its really easy to carry concealed. I have no complaints what so ever, I've never had any issues from day one. Yeah it's ugly but it's reliable, and that what counts.
  4. Papinquack

    Apfelwein as a base for sangria?

    I've been thinking about using my apfelwein as a base for sangria. Have any of you tried this before? If you have post the recipe you've tried. I'm not sure if you would stick with fresh apples? What other fruit do you think would complement the apfelwein?
  5. Papinquack

    I have to backsweeten apfelwein...after its been bottled!

    Thanks for the help. Everything turned out good. I just added the wine conditioner to the apfelwein in the bottling bucket and it tasted alot better. The difference is so great I'm going to take on the task of conditioning the 5 gallons thats already bottled.
  6. Papinquack

    Newbie from Pittsburgh

    If your in the north hills area here's the place to go. Steve (the skinny guy with glasses) knows his stuff, it's a great store. After you stop there go to the Hop House at the end of babcock for some good beer ;). When you click the link, you must click on the "proceed to link destination" to...
  7. Papinquack

    I have to backsweeten apfelwein...after its been bottled!

    One other question I have. When I bottled my first batch, I didn't add any campden tablets because the recipe didn't say anything about adding it. Should I add some campden tablets before adding the wine conditioner?
  8. Papinquack

    I have to backsweeten apfelwein...after its been bottled!

    My first batch of apfelwein has been in bottles for 6 months. I never tried apfelwein before, I just went with the recipe and thought it would get better after it aged a bit. I opened a bottle and decided that it definitely needs back sweetened. I bought a wine conditioner to do the job. This...
  9. Papinquack

    club soda or ginger ale?

    Ginger ale it is... Thanks guys!
  10. Papinquack

    club soda or ginger ale?

    My wife is having her friends over tomorrow night for pokeno.(Its bingo set to poker cards). Anyway, I made a sangria for her party. The recipe said to add club soda or ginger ale right before serving. Being a beer drinker, I'd like to see what those of who like wine would prefer?
  11. Papinquack

    Who knows about grain bugs?

    Their official name is the Indian Meal Moth and they are a real mother to get rid of. We had some contaminated chicken pellets two years ago and we still get them off and on. We haven't seen them in our food thank God. I store all my Duck food (chicken died) in a closed bin in the garage and...
  12. Papinquack

    Happy Birthday, Yooper!

    Happy birthday! I'd also like to say thanks for all the help and advice you've given me since joining this forum. Your also pretty hot for 29 :D.
  13. Papinquack

    How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made?

    Add 5 gallons more:D. 15894+5= 15899 It feels good too. I haven't had the wonderful rhythmic sight and sound of an active airlock in sometime.
  14. Papinquack

    Brewer's Prayer

    This song was specifically designed for transporting the prayers of homebrewers ...
  15. Papinquack

    Seeking advice: Employer revoked accepted job offer

    Sorry to hear about your situation, explore this sight maybe they can help you?
  16. Papinquack

    wait till his hair grows

  17. Papinquack

    Thinking about adding more sugar, your thoughts?

    72 hrs has past and still no activity. I'm going to re pitch when I get the chance. Do you think I need to use a whole packet of yeast or just half since I only added two concentrates?
  18. Papinquack

    Don't we all wish it was this easy...

    Great response! LOL:rockin: