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  1. Lost Nutz Garage

    Brewer's Granola

    I wanted to share this recipe for a granola that only brewers can appreciate. There has been discussion about using spent grains in granola, but spent grains generally have pretty large pieces of husk and most of the "good" stuff has been transferred into the beer. So I set out to create a...
  2. Lost Nutz Garage

    Buying grain mill vs buying crushed grains

    Having a mill seems like a good idea with the price increases and malt supply issues we have been hearing about. I doubled my usual order as a result when my LHBS had a sale this week. I will be picking up 2 - 55# bags for about $0.60/lb later today. Some 10# bags of Munich and C40 along...
  3. Lost Nutz Garage

    Naming A Recipe

    Me too. I name every beer, and design a label for each one. It amuses me, and gives an identity to each brew, that helps my aged addled brain keep them straight. Currently in the beer fridge are : Graftastic (graff) B.O.P (bourbon oaked porter) Edward's Cream Ale, Glass Gem...
  4. Lost Nutz Garage

    I’d like to get started..

    My advice to a new brewer is this: 1. Learn to enjoy cleaning. Cleaning & sanitizing aren't the fun or sexy part of this hobby, but are absolutely critical to being successful. Finding a way to find some joy in the process and end result will take the suck out of this needed task. 2...
  5. Lost Nutz Garage

    How do you Mash in w/BIAB?

    Crush into the bag to reduce the amount of grain dust in the brewery
  6. Lost Nutz Garage

    DigiBoil Electric Kettle - 35L/9.25G (110V)

    I agree that there seems to be little info out there on the DigiBoil - so I I would like to add my experience with the 240V version in hopes it might help someone. I purchased a 35L/9.25Gal 240V kettle a little over two years ago. I choose the DigiBoil over the other All-in-One contenders...
  7. Lost Nutz Garage

    Does anyone else run their chilled wort through a paint straining bag before going into fermenter?

    I agree with these guys. I've tried various methods to minimize crud transfer, and all of them were either a PIA and/or ineffective. I've come down to "if it flows, it goes" (into the fermenter)
  8. Lost Nutz Garage

    What I did for beer today

    Snowed in, frozen Saturday - too cold now and for the next week or two to tap maple trees, so I'm in the cellar brewing. Nice mellow porter tonight
  9. Lost Nutz Garage

    Marking Bottles Without Labels

    Yup -- buy the 3/4" round sticker (Avery #4221) and go to to design your bottle cap label. I use these for every batch and it only takes a few minutes to design and print once you have done a few. Very easy to ID bottles in cases or six-pack holders. If you want a bottle label, I...
  10. Lost Nutz Garage

    Outside of homebrewing, what do you guys do?

    Retired pharmacist here. My current diversions beyond brewing include smoking & curing meat, gardening, canning veggies, hot sauces, jellies and pickles. I also have several car and tractor projects, as well as producing maple syrup, wine making and golf. My past hobbies included fishing...
  11. Lost Nutz Garage

    Cold Crashing and Oxygen

    Here is a picture of my DIY CO2 harvester (there is no liquid in the jars as it wasn't in use when I took the picture and the air lock on the second jar is redundant). My 4 gal ferments will push out about 3/4 of a qt of sanitizer during fermentation and suck back about half of that on...
  12. Lost Nutz Garage

    How do you aerate?

    I found an old medical nebulizer compressor at a garage sale for $2. Cleaned it up, adjusted the air flow to it's lowest setting and added a filter and stone. It almost pushes too much air as I have to watch for foam coming out of the carboy.
  13. Lost Nutz Garage

    What Towels Are You Using?

    I keep a laundry basket full of retired household towels of various sizes under my brew table. By the end of a brew or bottling day I have a small bucket of damp towels (and hop sacks) ready for the washing machine. I used to put towels on the floor too, but the tripping hazard caught up...
  14. Lost Nutz Garage

    Which charcoal smoker do you have?

    WSM 18" (butt, brisket, chicken), Weber Kettle (grilling), Smokey Mtn Propane (jerky, bacon, sausage) - and I'm shopping for a gas grill for quick cooks. This one interests me. I converted a cheap offset many years ago trying to combine functions. I'm curious how well constructed it is...
  15. Lost Nutz Garage

    Show Us Your Label

    I make a label for each brew. I takes me 5-10 minutes using Beer Labelizer and gives each brew a little bit of personality. I don't ever label the bottles, but I do incorporate the design on a bottle cap label that helps me identify the beer in the 'fridge. Attached a couple of recent beers
  16. Lost Nutz Garage

    What are you drinking now?

  17. Lost Nutz Garage

    What are you drinking now?

    Drinking a Brown(s) ale - hoping that the NFL season will be canceled to avoid yet another year of disappointment.
  18. Lost Nutz Garage

    How many gallons brewed in 2020

    3730 + 3 gal kolsch + 3 gal brown ale = 3736
  19. Lost Nutz Garage

    G L A D - I - B O T T L E !!!

    Interesting cross over about CO2 shortages on a NASCAR blog today. Author is tying CO2 shortages to reduced driving and demand for ethanol for fuel. How NASCAR Can Help Prevent a Beer Shortage How NASCAR Can Help Prevent a Beer Shortage - I too only bottle - so no worries here