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  1. Spyk'd

    Why not let us know where you're from?

    Howdy ho! I'm from Southern California, but have been here since 2000, so...yeah Katrina... ;)
  2. Spyk'd

    Why not let us know where you're from?

    Goodnight friend!
  3. Spyk'd

    Why not let us know where you're from?

    Glad to pull you out from your slumberment...Welcome back! :)
  4. Spyk'd

    70 Qt. Cooler with false bottom

    If you have a pump, it's a moot point. Recirc with a pump is effortless. ;)
  5. Spyk'd

    Awesome Brew Day

    It's not done. Let it mature in the bottles for a bit (at least 2 weeks) and then cold condition for at least a week. I promise, you'll think more highly of your brew! :mug:
  6. Spyk'd

    Why not let us know where you're from?

    It's just the influx of Millennials. The entitlement is strong with these. :mug:
  7. Spyk'd

    mash tun wort drippings

    Why didn't you clean your mash tun again? Seems bad... :tank:
  8. Spyk'd

    Shroom beer

    Wow. Nice zombie thread! Gah, you made me miss Cheesefood... :(
  9. Spyk'd

    The worst beer I have ever had in my life...

    Puleeeeease don't disparage my OE! OE wasn't quite as highfalutin as your Bend offerings, but there were worse choices back then... :tank:
  10. King Cobra

    King Cobra

    King Cobra 40 oz
  11. MiscBS


    Little this or that.
  12. Spyk'd

    Kegconnection's BLACK FRIDAY / CYBER MONDAY Sale! (MULTIPLE HBT Giveaways too!)

    I bought 4 cornies for $100 back in the day from you. You guys rocked! Wish my wife would have listened to me and let me buy at LEAST 4 more... :smack:
  13. Spyk'd

    No Tricks Just Treats Halloween Inkbird Giveaway~

    IN BEFORE.........doh....
  14. Spyk'd

    Mississippi Gulf Coast Grain Source

    Anyone on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi that buys their bulk, base malts from a local shop or brewery for a reasonable price? Any info would be greatly appreciated! :mug:
  15. Spyk'd

    Hefeweizen then and now

    Recipe? :confused:
  16. Spyk'd

    dunkelweizen suggestions

    Personally, I'd cut back the Munich and the Chocolate, but that's really a taste thing. I switched to Midnight Wheat in my recipe because I found the Chocolate was taking over a bit, but once again, a taste issue. Also, you might want to use rice hulls to help your mash from sticking...
  17. Spyk'd

    What's a good base American wheat beer recipe?

    Here's an oldie but goody! Last brewed 2007. 5 lbs. 2-Row Malt 5 lbs. Wheat Malt 2 lbs. Caramel/Crystal 10L (I find you don't need rice hulls until you get over 50% Wheat Malt. YMMV) .5 oz. Hallertau @ 60 mins. 2 oz. Cascade @ 30 mins. .5 oz. Hallertau @ 15 mins. Wyeast #1010...
  18. Spyk'd

    What breweries or beers to try while in California?

    My brother opened Burger Bench in Escondido featuring only San Diego craft beers and gourmet burgers. No trip is complete without this stop to the old town district of Escondido. You might even meet up with a classic car show. They're there like all the time. :mug:
  19. Spyk'd

    New Orleans brewery/bar recommendations

    I can confirm this. I am friends with one of the owners, Patrick. Check it out! :mug: