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  1. LS_Grimmy

    Excel Brewing Worksheet & yeast strains

    Got a link I'll check it out... Mine will also work for Extract brewing you can check it out on my site Homebrew Beer Math
  2. LS_Grimmy

    Keg set up in Ontario

    what city/town in ontario?
  3. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    thanks... let me know if you see any errors or problems. cheers Grimmy
  4. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    Howdy, Ok fixed the error on the spreadsheet so it now calc's the SRM properly. Cheers, Grimmy
  5. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    yup looked into it and your right... thanks for the info I'll be changing the formula on my site this week sometime. srm = 1.4922 * (MCU ** 0.6859) cheers man, Grimmy
  6. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    ya i agree you do learn a lot... I've also been working on the beer math website as well it's close to being finished just working on the last of the formulas. I've also noticed some errors in my verison 3.1 and will be uploading version 3.2 in about a week.
  7. LS_Grimmy

    Lets see your brewing Excel Spreadsheets

    did this work for u? weetodd
  8. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    Thanks... ya it's been on the go since 2007. Glad you liked it Cheers Grimmy
  9. LS_Grimmy

    I use my Excel Spreadsheet

    I use my excel sheet mostly because Im on a mac and not crazy about the software. Here is my site if you want to take a look Homebrew Beer Math Cheers Grimmy
  10. LS_Grimmy

    Brewing today, everythings fighting me

    I agree planning is everything... I get everything ready the day before including milling the grain. Then the next day I wakeup make a coffee and then into my garage turn the burner on and I'm ready to brew. Cheers, Grimmy
  11. LS_Grimmy

    Why is my blonde ale so dark?

    I have a homebrew site that has formula's explained... even a carpenter could figure it out ;) ... just kidding Grimmys Beer Math Cheers, Grimmy
  12. LS_Grimmy

    Slimy Sanitizer

    Do yourself a favour switch to Starsan! You don't even need to rinse it and it doesn't stain... Cheers, Grimmy
  13. LS_Grimmy

    Why is my blonde ale so dark?

    your boiling temp and boil length could change your colour slightly
  14. LS_Grimmy

    HBS Edmonton AB?

    Hey, Thanks fellas for the info... and yes I've been gone for a while. I'm in the Canadian Air Force and have been moving around a lot, but I'll be in Alberta for a couple years for sure. I've recently moved from a house to a condo so it's going be a little more challenging but I'm looking...
  15. LS_Grimmy

    HBS Edmonton AB?

    Hey fellas, Just moved to Cold lake AB and I was wondering if you guys know of any homebrew shops for grain, yeast, and hops. Thanks, LS_Grimmy
  16. LS_Grimmy

    Any Canadians??

    Cold Lake Alberta here
  17. LS_Grimmy

    3 Months on primary?

    It's an ESB and I just finished bottling it. It tried a glass (you know for quality control :) ) and it tasted great. I am super anal about sanitation and have never had a problem. I've made this batch the last 3 times so im looking forward to trying the end result to see any differnces forsure...
  18. LS_Grimmy

    3 Months on primary?

    Beer 3 months on primary with no secondary. About to bottle what do you think? Make a difference with leaving it in the primary that long?
  19. LS_Grimmy

    What's your favorite homebrew recipe?

    I make my ESB almost every other batch.. Simple but my buddies love it: Maris Otter Pale Malt 11.00 American Crystal Malt 40 0.50 Dextrin Malt (carapils) 0.50 EK Goldings 2oz 5.0AA% 60 min Yeast: Danstar Nottingham CHeers Grimmy