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  1. remuS

    first AG bREW HELP!

    You can, though I would avoid that if your equipment allows. Adding water will lower your bitterness and gravity points. This is another thing you will learn after you do a few all-grain batches... your evaporation rate and ultimately how much pre-boil volume you need to give yourself 5...
  2. remuS

    first AG bREW HELP!

    Is it the Candian Lite recipe? The second page mentions to mash at 65C/149F. As for volumes, I typically mash at 1.25qts / lb of grain. For for 10lbs, that would be 12.5qts or 3.125 gallons. For sparge, you have to...
  3. remuS

    Bevlex Barrier Lines - hard to fit adapter in?

    I had crazy good luck using the boiling method today. I put 1/4 inch of the line in the boiling water, used a philips screw driver to stretch out the line just enough to get it over the barb. After that, I put the barb and a small amount of the line in the boiling water, let it sit for 5...
  4. remuS

    Water Profile for IPA

    Hello I'll be using about 7 gallons water total for a final volume of 5 - 5.5. Thanks
  5. remuS

    Water Profile for IPA

    Hello - I'm kind of new to water additions and am looking for some input on the water profile for an IPA. The water profile reported by the city is as follows. Averages 12 Ca 18 Mg 24.3 Na 41 Cl 49.4 S04 55 CaCO3 Ph 9.6 I plan on adding .5ml Lactic Acid to get the PH down...
  6. remuS

    Kegging with Maple Syrup

    Hi vtchuck, I'm planning on adding it at kegging time and it will go right into a kegerator, so fermentation will be stopped. Would you still expect a quart?
  7. remuS

    Kegging with Maple Syrup

    Hello I'll be kegging a batch of cider this weekend, and I want to add maple syrup to it. I'm not looking for it to be overly sweet, though I'd like a litle maple aroma and taste to it. I plan on force carbonating, so the maple syrup wont be consumed by the leftover yeast. How much...
  8. remuS

    Cold Smoke Scotch Ale Clone Attempt II

    I brewed it and then left town for 3 weeks shortly afterwards... and apparently a heat wave came though. My girlfriend changed the ice out for me for the first week, but I dont have any clue how warm it actually got. It sat in the carboy for 6 weeks before I bottled / kegged. Initially, it...
  9. remuS

    Moving hot kettle after boil

    Hello - I just moved from MT to Austin TX and am in a complex... talking to the HOA members, I got the OK to use my burner and brew some beer out in the courtyard. Unfortunatley, there are no hoses out there for me to use (I asked). My current thoughts are to wheel the hot kettle in...
  10. remuS

    Krausen removal - or not?

    I dont remove it. It will all settle out, then you'll siphon off of it.
  11. remuS

    first all grain tomorrow

    My first AG finished at 3.9%, so dont worry. How were your temps? I undershot mine first go around. Also, I have had far better efficiency when I purchased a grain mill rather then use the LHBS crush.
  12. remuS

    Some kind of pumpkin ale

    I used 60oz of Libby's canned pumpkin (not spiced) in the mash. Cooked in the oven at 350 for approx. 45 minutes until it started to caramelize on top. It turned out nice, though that was the slowest I've ever had the mashtun drain. I used a bunch of rice hulls but still had problems. I...
  13. remuS

    first all grain tomorrow

    Correct. I usually mash in at 1.3 qt / 1 lb. That would give 3.25 gallons for mash water. Be sure to preheat the mash tun - I use a teapot full of boiling water while I heat my mash water. You'll want to shoot some 5 - 10 degrees higher then your target mash temperature to compensate for...
  14. remuS

    good cheap all grain ale recipe.

    Local brewery Madison River Brewing Company will sell 2-row at 50# / 23$. They sell specialty grains too, but speaking to the workers they said it's a PITA to do non-base grains... so I usually get the specialty grains at LHBS. I usually buy my hops off of...
  15. remuS

    Is a double stage batch sparge process better than a single stage batch sparge?

    Here's a good read about it:
  16. remuS

    good cheap all grain ale recipe.

    Cascade SMaSH 10# 2Row - $4.60 4oz Cascade - $4.00 Safale US-05 - $2.99 Total cost for 5G -> $11.59 Not quite a "Bud Type' ale... but if you reduced the hops it may be what you're looking for.
  17. remuS

    Outside Winter Brewing

    I'm sure there are similar threads... but its getting cold outside here and Montana. If you're like me, you have no option for shelter when doing 5+ gallon all-grain batches. Here are some lessons I learned last year. 1. Do your mash inside. The obvious being you won't lose your...
  18. remuS

    Is it ok to brew beer if I don't have a beard ??

    Beards yes, molestache, no.
  19. remuS

    3-week old crushed grains!! Are they good?

    Before I had a grain mill I would buy pre-crushed grains online. I would order enough for 3 batches or so... had good luck brewing with them up to a month after they arrived. As wkaidy noted, it it's stored properly it will be fine.
  20. remuS

    BrewHardware Giveaway!