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  1. cluckk

    For x gallons, how many pounds of grain?

    There are just too many variables. Efficiency is a big determining factor. Get the software or use one of the free programs. Then most likely you will still be off on gravity until you zero in your extract yield and learn how to squeeze the best efficiency out of your unit.
  2. cluckk

    What's your timeline for a double brew day?

    I do a double brew in two different ways. The easiest is with a parti-gyle where I mash really large with nothing but pale malt then steep specialty grains to make two different beers from the same mash. For this I use one MLT and two burners and kettles. I also have a second MLT so I can heat...
  3. cluckk

    How do I smooth out bitterness?

    Time will mute hops to a degree. Is it a beer that will take well to long aging. How long do you plan to lager? Other than blending, as above, the place to adjust bitterness is in the brew kettle.
  4. cluckk

    All brews have syrupy aftertaste. Please help?

    You described it as, "It's almost like an caramelized, burnt syrupy taste on the tongue as an aftertaste (maybe it's a heavy honey maltiness)--it's hard to describe." My first thought is to ask what you are using for a brew kettle and for a burner? How hard are you boiling, etc. Boiling way too...
  5. cluckk

    Newbie question around hops

    This is something that is a personal choice for each brewer. Some guys feel it makes their beer more clear to use a hop spider or other system to keep the hop residue out of their wort. Others feel their beer clears just fine without worrying about it. When you brew, if you notice your beer is...
  6. cluckk


    Get your water profile or start with RO water before making adjustment. Then use something like the Bru'n Water to calculate your additions. Just dumping in Gypsum without knowing its effects on your actual water is not wise. As for whether you add in the Mash or the kettle is really up to you...
  7. cluckk

    Imperial Stout Lusty Kate's Paramour (RIS)

    High bitterness with a flavor of strong coffee, roast and light licorice taste. The mouth is full and silky. The aroma is a mixture of hops, chocolate, roast and a note of alcohol (11.8% ABV). Carbonation is low.
  8. cluckk

    What salt and acid to buy

    I use Lactic Acid, Epsom Salt, and Calcium Chloride and Canning Salt depending upon the profile I am going to use. I looked up Laramie's water quality report, but the latest one I found was from 2011 and seemed to only cover contaminants. When you get you report post the results and we'll be...
  9. cluckk

    What do you do while mashing in??

    Um...I think you win for most original :D
  10. cluckk

    I need to get a gravity off my stout

    Get yourself on of these. It's a very worthwhile investment. Some do drop it right into the fermenter but there are two things to keep in mind. (1) You need a fermenter with an opening that allows you to retrieve your hydro. (2) You can't degass your sample--you'd have to degass the whole batch...
  11. cluckk

    Adding brown sugar + yeast after one week of primary to increase banana/bubblegum

    (1) I'm pretty sure the author is speaking of adding the dextrose to the boil. (2) He recommends an alternative of underaerating the yeast to stress them. (3) The yeast he mentions are good choices for more of the banana esters. I think you are toying with the possibility of bad things when you...
  12. cluckk

    Bottle or keg a dubbel?

    I carbonate naturally in the keg all the time and use corn sugar--though I have also used brown sugar. If it were me, I would bottle it.
  13. cluckk

    Campden instead of a boil? Please help

    Boiling does far more than sanitizing. For one it drives off DMS. Lots of guys do partial boils and then top off with water. This can also be done with all grain. You just need to adjust your grist to include enough grain to give you the gravity units in the first three gallons pulled. You can...
  14. cluckk

    Priming directly in bottles question (need to do it that way)

    Use the things Darwin18 pointed out. At this point you only want to get some head (wait that didn't sound right). I mean you want your beer to carbonate, without bottle bombs or bug farms. Don't pour it back in the bucket, that will increase the likelihood of oxidation. Open each, drop in the...
  15. cluckk

    Rye IPA recipe

    If you can't use a lighter color crystal you should just use less. Also, I agree with the guys about increasing the rye. I didn't mention it earlier because you said you wanted a low amount of rye flavor. To me it is very hard to have too much rye flavor. My rye pale ale uses almost 23 percent...
  16. cluckk

    Rye IPA recipe

    Looks pretty good, but I would wonder about a couple of your choices. You are using 60L crystal and your color is far darker than one would expect for an IPA. I would use a lighter crystal malt. For my Rye Pale Ale, I use crystal 20L and it is only 4.5% of the grist. I also wonder about your...
  17. cluckk

    What are you drinking now?

    I love the picture. "So what beer are you drinking?" "Um...Eugene."
  18. cluckk

    What are you drinking now?

    My wife and I sampled a bottle each of my mugwort/heather ale (What the Fraoch Ale) and my Russian Imperial Stout (Lusty Kate's Paramour). Now I'm trying to decide whether to settle down with a rye whiskey or a scotch--of course bourbon would also be a good option.
  19. cluckk

    Adding brown sugar + yeast after one week of primary to increase banana/bubblegum

    The brown sugar is going to simply go to produce color and alcohol with a slight rummy character, depending on how dark the sugar is and how much is added. Your esters are going to come from yeast (as duboman said), and from fermentation temperature. You can also increase ester production by...
  20. cluckk

    My IPA tastes like a Belgian

    You say it was in a swamp cooler and then say air temps were 68-71. Air temp is meaningless if you have the beer submerged in a swamp cooler. What was your water temperature in the sc? Or even better what was the wort temp. I've noticed my swamp cooler, if I don't keep it steadily cool with ice...