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  1. theheadonthedoor

    Diacetyl in New England Style IPAs.

    Great info! I'll definitely take this all into account. I've never fermented in any of my corneys but perhaps now I will. I hear it's the new thing anyways. But it might not fit in my fermentation fridge, which would be a problem.
  2. theheadonthedoor

    Homebrew Logo Design

    I'm not sure what forum to post this in so I hope it gets seen here. How does one go about making a good logo for their homebrew endeavors? I've been brewing for about 7 years and never much called it anything nor have I named all too many beers. But I want that to change. I want to order...
  3. theheadonthedoor

    Diacetyl in New England Style IPAs.

    I've noticed it in every homebrew version I've tried, which worries me about brewing one. As for professional breweries, I've noticed it tremendously in hazy ipas from Fort George (I love everything else) as well as beers from Revision, Three Magnets, Trap Door, Matchless, and even Modern Times...
  4. theheadonthedoor

    First beer in the planning stages

    Brew a beer that is dark, a clone, and easily accessible for comparison. Something you can easily get once it's complete to observe side-by-side. I would say like Founder's Robust Porter or Deschutes Obsidian Stout. There's tons of great recipes on here and elsewhere online of them.
  5. theheadonthedoor

    Diacetyl in New England Style IPAs.

    I am finding this to be more and more common with the style, and honestly the most off putting flavor I can think of for the style. I get how and why the yeast make diacetyl, and how they attempt to clean it up. But as I am about to brew my first "NEIPA", I want any advice on how to avoid it...
  6. theheadonthedoor

    Facebook Groups

    Any good facebook beer groups you all know about that I can join? I'd love to be able to share more with like-minded individuals. :) Thank you! -Adam Edwards
  7. theheadonthedoor

    Low carb beer

    Now, I get that on a basic sense, more alcohol means more carbs generally, as it is harder and harder to leave behind less starches and unfermented sugars, but what does that say to the use of amylase enzymes to drive the final gravity insanely low? Also, are there any grain alternatives that...
  8. theheadonthedoor

    Any brewers in southwest washington?

    I live and brew adamantly in cowlitz county, which is is southwest washington. I'm having a hard time finding other brewers in the area to talk to, collab with, have try stuff, etc. So if you are, please write me here or message me so we can get in touch. Thank you! -Adam Edwards
  9. theheadonthedoor

    Hop Quality Trend

    I know my last post caused quite the debate, so I am not trying to pissed anyone off here, I am just curious if anyone else has experienced poor hop quality through certain vendors, farms, sites, etc? And if they have experienced better quality through others? I like living close to Yakima...
  10. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Buyouts

    Here are a few good articles. Probably biased, just like all of us, so feel free to look into any claim however you can.
  11. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Buyouts

    No shame on anyone that will continue to drink these, but due to their ownership of AB In-bev, MillerCoors, North American Breweries, Heineken, and other beer conglomerates, along with their market control exploitation, pay-to-play unethical practices, and millions in big business lobbying to...
  12. theheadonthedoor

    Summer Saison

    That yeast is good, but 3711 French Saison IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST THING EVER! Especially for a summer saison, it has so much awesome flavor of lemon and hay, and it really pushes the citrusy hops to the front. Beautiful, super attenuative yeast!
  13. theheadonthedoor

    Pear/Apple in sour beer

    My friend wants to make a sour with flavors of pear and apple, whether it's from yeast, hops, or actually adding fruits is entirely up to what works to achieve that flavor. First, what yeasts give off the most esters of pear and apple? I assume English but specifically which yeasts have...
  14. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Trends

    Yes, I did read it. BECAUSE I WROTE IT. HAHAHA
  15. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Trends

    I'm both people. Haha
  16. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Trends

    New England IPAs have their place as do west coast style IPAs. Sometimes I want more mouthfeel, more sweetness, and fruitiness. And sometimes I want a bone-dry piney resinous clear beauty.
  17. theheadonthedoor

    Beer Trends

    What do you think is the next big trend in beer? Let's be obvious here and point out that northeast style IPAs are already amongst us in a very big way. Maybe not every brewery has made one yet in the way they have say a barrel-aged beer or a sour, but it's getting close. Crazy that some...
  18. theheadonthedoor

    Brewing With A New Baby

    That really is a big relief to hear as I'm hoping my wife will be lenient in the same regard. Additionally, cherry oak quad and passionfruit gose sound amazing!
  19. theheadonthedoor

    Brewing With A New Baby

    That is amazing! I've already got her interested in the names Atlas, Orion, and Apollo for a future boy, which are all hop names too. :)
  20. theheadonthedoor

    Brewing With A New Baby

    This has been so intensely helpful! I appreciate everyone's feedback and is it makes me feel a lot more optimistic about the whole situation. :)